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That Woman Keeps This Cowboy Comin Home - Various - Ridin Through Republic Country

The whole thing started as a bunch of notes, then everyone here and at a few other sites started forcing me to think of a whole lot of other things, which in turn guided my own research and thoughts.

Did you incluude advice to store some fresh Vinigar? But rather incase for example, say some badguy perp did you or your child wrong real bad…And for whatever reasons perp escapes all forms justice think OJ. If you used any firearm it will leave traces of powder etc which a Parifin test can detect as long as hrs after the fact! So if you have Vinigar, it can be stored nearby say at a motel along the route home or back to??

Along with complete fresh clothes unless you wore an updated version of cowboy attire, white lab chemo proof suit and shoes. Because even in shtf or any other justice seeking times you never know if cops will pull you over and before you realize it You are going for a powder trace parifin test as a potential perp….

Never as yet tried this out myself! I do think vinigar works though….. Vinegar does get stale, so you need to know how to make the starter mother so you can inoculate your aging apple juice and make your own. Ohio must not have the right wild yeasts. Good luck! The paraffin test is a chemical color test that looks for the presence of nitrates. Au contraire mon frere… I merely fertilized my garden by hand a few days ago.

The economics of dairy farming has been so bad the past few years that many dairy farmers have been losing their shirt and their farms: or closing down after generations of dairy farming. The market needs to find equilibrium if there are going to be any dairy farms; or at least enough dairy farms to provide a stable supply.

BTW, nice stash you have there Daisy. Fork over the chocolate and no one gets hurt!! The application of JIT for food supplies will prove to be one of the most boneheaded ideas in the long history of boneheaded ideas.

Americans are spoiled by heavily subsidized food prices. You are correct that a correction will occur. Americans will have much less cash for Itoys. A food stash will help make the transposition bearable. A lot of farmers have been losing money for years and keep borrowing to stay in business, we are one of those. Until prices rise to keep us in business, a lot will leave. Its better to have a job with benefits. I love farming but feel that until farm prices gets to where we can make enough to live and pay bills, let them starve.

The so called farm subsidities dont help most very much. I am sick of the so called cheap food for the masses when i cannot support my family on a acre farm. Yes, I will defend what i have to the death if someone trys to take it. Snake,,,I was wondering that too!! Also what about Copperhead? He seems to have disappeared?? People like myself have been warning for years to have a reasonable level of preparedness for unforeseen events.

Well, this time you can see this coming years in advance and yet you still refuse to prepare on even the most basic of levels. You want to call me crazy for thinking ahead and taking action against it?

Is that me being a selfish, paranoid asshole? Deal with it. The events I have documented over that day period shows that the prophectic word is being unveiled at an alarming rate.

The events are relevant, and very obvious to all those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The main point i want to make here is that mankind has become more greedy,jealous, and lovers of themselves. Not only around the neighborhood but around the world.

People are blinded by their lust for money, things and control of people that they perceive to be a threat of them acquiring and keeping those things. Just look around and pay attention at how little compassion goes out to others. Enjoy, for you deserve it! Maybe got a second job to cover it. Were you expecting me to take care of your family too, or were you just thinking of yourself? Had an active shooter situation this morning a town or two over, from what I gather a fire was set and first responders were shot at, I can confirm from brothers in the dept.

News has already been saying AR and rifle way before it could have been confirmed. DD — Just caught that this AM. Shooting of firefighters pisses me off as it is another incident of good, decent people helping us all wasted by another insane POS.

Whoever is responsible needs to be publicly hanged from a ladder truck. All to save the planet from overpopulation…. This power uses both isles to get what it wants. By being partisan you are playing into their hands. The internet was a really nice invention, and it required progress. Dental tools have come a long way over the last years. Gifted writer, Niki Rapana, sees communitarianism being taught on college campuses nationwide as:.

There is ample, verifiable evidence that shows Obama is a communitarian. There is only speculation that his values are communist. Accusations of communism play directly into the fake dialectical conflicts between the right and the left. They sought to achieve not only the reconstruction of social and cultural institutions, but reconstruction of human beings. Each citizen is conditioned to accept the loss of his individuality and identity, to reject individual initiative and enterprise, and to become a collective animal.

They believe that unless there is sufficient brutality to ensure blind obedience and blind conformity, the masses will suffer. With a clear conscience, they summarily execute recalcitrant resisters who refuse to be reconstructed. Pure Evil! I just saw it on yahoo. My post said—Why the tone of surprise? What we NEED to be finding out is who in this government is orchestrating this to advance their agenda, and how do we prosecute them for murder and treason….

Opposing, delaying, confusing, muddying, and otherwise resisting this likely move by the socialist-industrial complex is something we have to start doing TODAY. At the very least, this means giving financial support to the NRA and similar organizations.

It means knowing what side your Congressman and Senator is on. We have to fight this all the way. His children sit under the protection guns afford, while the children of regular Americans are sacrificed. This stuff is going on regularly in past 5 years.

Police officers shot on routine calls. Children stabbed or drowned. The economy is one of the big problems.

Tax collections down so will be the monies for civil services. John Q…. Reagan fixed Peanut-Heads problems. And he did this with a Democrat House and Senate. Clinton signed the Republicans Contract With America…. The economies were healthy and the USD Indes above I think you have the wrong President in mind.

Also your view on the rapture is wrong too. I am a Christian, I read the Bible, and I drink to much beer too. I try to go to church, but liberalism is starting to destroy that also. Ronnie wanted his way, but the Zionist controllers wanted it their way. Most of these sheeple still believe that they can vote and make a difference.

Zionist bankers control the world. The leadership IS out there. Great ideas and solutions ARE out there. But none of that leadership will be in a position to DO anything until this current government is.. It is crutial that this is understood before SHTF. Look at Egypt…the same kooks are in charge again, just like before they kicked out Mubarak…which is why you now see NEW riots in the streets.

The whole system in D. It will not be possible to correct this system from within the system. The population of California, Michigan, and Illinois are now a clear danger to the rest of the country. Our only hope is Texas. But, you forget the economy was strong when he left. The US Dollar index was above all thru Reagan years, and he is the only President for 8 years that can claim that. Reagan era a simple investor like me could put money in a CD, savings, or any mutual fund and it grew.

Lastly, Reagan made me feel good to be an American and I always felt positive about the future. Today, I feel like shit! STOP talkin Politics!!! All Politicans are crooked!!!! You seem to have forgotten or have you ever known?

Glad you felt good to be an Iran Contra American. Have you ever felt like a good Christian? Which will matter at the Judgment Seat? He just went about fixing problems instead of blaming them on everyone else. IMHO, that is called leadership… something that we sorely lack today.

One can wonder why the evidence that Reagan tripled the national debt and was a Zionist footstool languishes in moderation limbo. The numbers and his own words prove what I have said. Do you think thumbs down can really suppress the evidence?

Talking about Reagan does make any sense today. Hope things go well in future for you. Cause we will see the Beast before the rapture. We will see the Man of Sin. Upon his release from prison, Scofield deserted his first wife, Leonteen Carry Scofield, and his two daughters Abigail and Helen, and he took as his mistress a young girl from the St. Louis Flower Mission. He later abandoned her for Helen van Ward, whom he eventually married. Following his Illuminati connections to New York, he settled in at the Lotus Club, which he listed as his residence for the next twenty years.

I have links for reference but will post them separately since links linger in moderation limbo for a loooong time. Did he now. Many of the same people still messing things up were around thirty years ago blocking everything Reagan tried. Term limits are needed to get rid of these permanent power hungry fools. Yes, he was, and that was a lot of grab-ass being played there. But since he was a Dem, no problem. Bob Packwood even suggests doing this and he got the boot.

Yet another of the MANY double standards under which we all live. I am not going to fall in line with John but there is some thing about Reagan that I think should be spot lighted. When he was the California Govenor he did do one thing that no one remembers. One of the big things he did to balance the budget and almost all other states followe suit was to close down all of the state insane asylums. Immediatly we had thousands of homeless, pan handling, non medicine taking physcos, wandering the street.

Now those same people clog up the local systems. Reagans greatness, in my opinion, was in how he in order to save first state and then on a federal level was to pass down to counties and cities the costs for maintaining the crazies. Yes he did as he was forced to by the ACLU who sued under Cruel and unusual punishment and that their right to be nuts was being violated. They decided it was better to let the mentally ill roam around living on the streets getting no help and getting sicker than have them in a facility.

Interesting that the Scoffield links made in through moderation a day late, but the comment did not. No need to feel bad — the sentiment was there, and the results still rang true, no matter what the storm was named.

You know for a bunch of hypocrites anti-self defense whackos that are suppose to be so peaceful orientated, to have such hate sprewed towards you shows just how totally full of meaningless garbage they are.

Yes the violent crime in England is several times higher than in the U. The U. S, states that have adopted the English style of preventing the citizen from protecting themselves are pure hell holes, other than Hawaii for some strange reason.

Maybe the tropical breezes calms people down or something. I have the statistics on this to prove it that I sent to Mac. Thankfully I did because I lost what I wrote in a sudden power outage the other night. I still though have my chicken scribbles though of this proof of what U. I have read your very constructive and positive articles and your comments, and you absolutely NEVER deserve to be attacked by these retards like this.

These starry eyed and spaced out non-preppers and those that want to enslave the population into total fear by taking away ALL their self defense like England has done are the lowest of life. These human leeches are rotten to the core and not worthy of being called a person. They belong in zoos more so than the common orangutan, that has more sense than they do. I personally know what the New Madrid can do in that very old solid rock that the middle part of the country sits on.

I know what the San Andreas is capable of. This false sense of security is what is going to be the death of the majority of ANY population affected by a true catastrophe that is not at all easily recoverable. It is like it has become evil and selfish to store up for your family. This political correctness crap has affected people like some brain eating bacteria. Those freaks want to attack those in society that are not totally conforming to what society deems appropriate.

They repeat the same mistakes, talk about stuck in mud on stupid. Remember what happened when I wrote that article that Mac refined so well about the horrific issues to the non-prepper? There was an a flurry of thumbs down on every single comment, even benign ones.

This was because these ass clowns cannot stand to see what will happen to their worthless lives when society collapses. To the bleeding heart liberal the criminal that goes out and rapes an innocent woman is the victim of society and needs more help than the women raped.

Wow Be Informed, nice rant and so full of truth. I read the most awakening interview on Steve Quayle today. I would say that they will try to ban any magazine period, and limit the amount of shells you can have in a shotgun, like they require plugs when hunting game birds. Revovlers probably will not be touched at first, but they will try to ban speed loaders for revolvers. They lawyer up, and they say that as long as people still have a single shot firearm that they are still allowing the 2nd.

Amemdment to stay in place for people. You are right it makes your skin crawl. It would probably be shocking to see all the deception that goes on. While the audience is totally fixated on some lights or something else, the magician performs their trick.

To someone not fooled into looking away from the magician, the trick is actually quite routine and dull. Remaining focused and not taking the government BAIT is essential to finding out what is really happening.

We visited the Big Island for a week back in Oct. I guess they have the right attitude over there. Over here it seems like there is a cop every mile or so. Maybe because there are so many morons. And they want to finalize that by taking away our 2nd Amendment solutions. These socialists want an extremely-powerful central state…and my prediction is that we will see the beginning of a resolution to these inner-conflicts freedom vs security before People berate peppers for being able to defend their provisions, then announce their intent to come take them during a crisis.

My guess is that when the SHTF, Hawaii will be very suddenly jerked off of the Fed tit and all hell will break loose there. Note how many people villify peppers for owning firearms and shamelessly announce their intention to come take what they want in a crisis. Daisy, Looked at your OrganicPrepper site for the first time today and would like to commend you on a really interesting site. You write really well and I would consider your site right up there with Backwoods Home.

Have you ever written anything for them? We dropped in and visited them at their office in Gold Beach while on a trip to ride the Rogue in the Mail Boats. Interesting bunch of people with lots of prepping experience. No one seems to remember Hurricanes Rita and Ike. Here in southeast texas, we had very little mayhem compared with the lowlifes in New Orleans. We have respect for each other and a 12 gauge shotgun in your face.

What Then? Aint he also a zio shill like bush jr and sr was? PSS go read My prior post coment above this one about Communitaruins etc! As I read through this a thought occurred to me. The looting, the scramble for food, water etc. Now we see a variation of that in the frantic moves to purchase firearms, larger capacity magazines, ammunition, and the rise in prices for these items.

Clearly people should have been ready in order to avoid the current situation. The pair notched No. That is down than 30 years of keeping track of this stat. That notched No. In , four women had seven tunes in that space. He was the only artist with a four-week No.

Those seven artists accounted for 18 weeks of No. Twenty-seven men contributed 42 No. This includes the No. In , 40 No. Twenty-four men contributed 32 No. The prior year saw 44 No. Twenty-four men posted 33 No. All of these stats are based on singles that spent at least one week in the Top 50 during the chart 78 80 80 82 73 80 72 77 68 year, which ran Nov. Bryan barely bested Jason Aldean for top honors, edging-out his fellow Georgian by fewer than , airplay points, an extremely narrow margin considering the decade generated more than million airplay points.

Aldean was the only artist to garner more than 18 million points. Blake Shelton charted more songs than any artist in the last 10 years with 30 Top 50s while also posting five hits in the Top The most-heard female of the decade, Carrie Underwood, got more than Miranda Lambert was runner-up with 8.

The top three songs were separated by only 19, points, with , points between Nos. Forty-five different artists have songs in the Top , with five posting five or more tunes there.

Those five, however, accounted for an amazing 30 of those mega-hits; Bryan had eight, Aldean seven, and, with five each were Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett and Shelton. A total of 1, songs got enough Country radio airplay to hit the weekly Top 50 in the last 10 years. Of those, songs belonged to different male artists, came from 61 different women and charted songs were performed by 66 duos or groups.

Compiling 10 or more Top 50 hits over the last decade were 26 men, three women and eight duos or groups. The most-heard songs of the decade were determined by taking the stations and weights in the current reporting station database and calculating the points for every play of every song that hit the Top 50 within that time frame.

Matt Stell comes off his debut No. Additionally, a yet-to-beannounced new female artist will be joining the label early next year. Digital breakout artist Blanco Brown will join Chris Lane on tour in early Meanwhile, keep your ears open for new solo music from the Georgia native as well as a few surprise country collaborations in the coming months.

Big Loud is celebrating its five-year anniversary in Already touting multiple No. Lainey Wilson Broken Bow. Brett Young continues his streak after five No. Green hits the road with Jason Aldean in January.

It begins its chart climb into the new year to support a new tour and album launch in January. This project stands on its own, and initial feedback from programmers is excellent. Luke Combs enters the new year with his seventh consecutive No.

The label rolls into the new year with big plans for Lee Brice following his No. Next year will see a continuation of Eric Church and Jon Langston singles, in addition to the introduction of new music. Watch for Langston on tour first quarter with Morgan Wallen. Brothers Osborne spent much of the fall working on new music. Follow us on Facebook! Welcome to Coffee and snacks are always available before the service on Sunday morning. With an esti- 2. By that measuring stick, Internet ring revenue gained via subscrip- But the determining factor for where they library of preselected music, platforms— satel- CEO effective piece mobile greeting cards using a other content.

They can put is was an online music studio that allows users to create customized multimedia content for their mobile phones. StudloMOTO users can engage software and services on the site to design multimedia ized p lay list s and create stan- It Chris Gorog says. But this Motorola introduced a free dardized licensing scenarios ent amount.

DIanne Feln- its with subscription music ity Hill. Most notably? Consumer Electron- re- shows how there's more and more ways to make money off of music beyond is Sony VP Takao Yuhara proposed senior search analyst Richard Green- The latest iteration of this strat- ing to reporters In Japan, of the share the generated ad revenue pensate labels, artists and pub- egy Store and iPod— again. Speak- Opponents end of April, are already com- using online advertising to com- lishers for the rights to their work.

You can download songs now, receive 25 free songs that The heart and soul of independent music. Five years ago, Hetfield would not have been awake or sober enough to get into the studio so early in the morning.

Things have changed for Hetfield. He is sober, creative, and on May 12 he will receive an honor he says he is more proud of than any career achievement. Bill Silva, legendary concert promoter and manager, is sitting in Hawaii. He is working, even though he is pretending to take a few days off.

Silva, a year music veteran, says he has often turned to the MusiCares MAP Fund to help his addicted artist clients. For his "un conditional friendship and dedication to the mission and goals of the organization," Silva will receive the MusiCares From the Heart Award. Silva praises Owens for his compassion in dealing with the "disa non-profit organization. May 12 benefit concert, For further information on the contact Wynnie Wynn at Q: What does this honor mean to you? Hetfield: I noticed guess never thought of inviting family to very different.

I I other stuff. But this is obvi- ously something I'm more of. This for Q: more is internal me. Is accepting this award a way for you to talk to other musicians with addiction problems? Hetfield: with ally I go back and forth my role. Sometimes want preach I re- to get out there and But doesn't it.

It's proud that there own lieve that it that. But, you can survive it. That's important to know. The biggest awareness and that you're not alone MAY You hear you hear it. Bill Silva: Q: was managing I For musicians with author- ity issues, how MAP differ- is a couple of young bands and ent from advice from the label a few members had issues di- or drug and al- Silva: Even rectly related to We just needed needed somebody who was of the music community, but not me, so they could hear the message [from someone] other than from the manager.

It's been a great service to our people and obviously we'd love to do what we can to cohol abuse. I I I make it available to everybody when they need it. I It because seems it's like life- last five years first all be very creative. It's all baloney. You have to have a moving toward the same instead of pulling back. There is enough tragedy in life without having to self-destruct through it did the 37 years. Life seems longer the Q: How has being sober affected real Q: goal Your music has been going many evolutions.

How your music? I'm not the guy to say you have to go do the fans respond? It's very different because there there, or not got here. I'm just people you can identify with and me always people that will identify more awareness of what we are doing and sometimes over-thinking it. Now and so impressed Q: How is the new album going?

Some grow with us, some grow dif- as being authority figures. He me with the offer people in the music busi- ness that are disenfranchised at that moment Q: How straight into the fire to how Hetfield: With myself, hav- in their are very present for and I'm not afraid to do or try anything musically. Q: Were you afraid you would lose your creativity while sober? Hetfield: Hetfield: Coming up on Which is nothing it all life. Hetfield: There will always be with you.

That's evident in Metallica. It is cause everyone is everyone is enjoying the process. The process is a lot easier. Lars and 1 would butt heads daily.

It would be going to war every day. You'd suit up in your armor before you go in the studio. Battling back and forth. We've been going through — being able to ferent ways. Worrying about where your fans are going to come from is a problem. You just do what show feels right. The Nashville mom scription fee. Satellite radio pays songwriters and publishers by en- radio to record performance it suring that services triggering the that has does not issue distribution roy- distribution right under copyright ine law are paying for that distribu- one with an entire stood her ground against Satellite Radio chairman Gary Parsons and gren, XM artist Todd Rund- alties like who oppose the bill, as the services pay in the blurred.

The bill — ance— tion "New technologies and busi- 26 about digital radio. FM1 Music Publishing held an tracks. Will there international creative conference tion in their future? Stay tuned. Multiple ing a cent from a sale renim.

Dianne Feinstein, D- is not radio. Storch equipment manufacturers pay a No. Gessle has is ative guidance. The Gwen Stefani. Dio- D-Vt. She also firmly an- re- 1 more than 4 million times on from Sen. After the two lunched with EMI executives, ness models have become so ad- senators heard testimony April digital radio revolution," royalties, but for an answer by the senator. Shaw testified, "Just imagine my Com- the U. Senate Judiciary Senate In even when repeatedly pressed It will cre- showcase and up-and-coming Swedish and Scandinavian acts.

VP Evan Lamberg, executive and among others. Guardi outside the States for her recommended Gessle. I But the idiomatic confusion hasn't On I hampered the Monas. April 26, the band won "We was also a judge, but I swear did not vote for the Monas be- cause they're fellow Colombians.

Why then risk losing prize and lots of face by Los first partici- idea they'd gotten into a tition until the very compe- day of the showcase. At that point, with the prospect of performing only hours away, they took the plunge, gambling on a win to help promote their album.

Go to Billboard. The Monas and five other acts com-. In Colombia, where suc- cess abroad is especially valued, not. Here —where radio States, where in the States, it how- Monas see the possibil- of breaking through touring, and again, hope will their open doors for Davila says, start by "aiming for the bull's-eye, but eventu- sound with reggae or trumpets, and they end up not doing simple rock. Yes, we're a rock'n'roll band, but for us rock'n'roll popular music.

And sound. Latin rock bands here, Noche. Moreover, two members where in Latin record Last year, the group inked at slang for blonde. South Beach in Miami Beach. The fest was the most attended in Billboard's history. Future" competition and showcase. Conference highlights Live in Hollywood. For more on the conference, see —Leila Cobo Latin Notas on page HarleyDavidson and Tone Exotic Fusions.

Kartn Ouinn and Ma rime Riancho Otned stars under the spotlight white sporting exclusive "Heineken green" ribbons for the event. South Beach pool Photo: Manny Hernandez m artisfs. Rap and Reggaeton" The session featured executives, artists and in Explaining why he created his own reggaeton producers from the hip-hop and reggaeton realms, who were often at odds as to the direction their music is taking. They dont major even know what's going on labels simply let it "People ask tive label: "The saw an entire movement born, and they the streets—and they don't want to know.

I write from the perspec- spent 25 years there. Only six on a regular they can do Among it basis. Because for free. None had ever paid to download a track even though they load second Among the highlights: Only two of the teens had year.

BMG an album? HarieyDavrdson and Tone Exobc Fusions. Voltlo ji-. My Style' promotion during the conference. Vortm will be a face of the campaign and wtH perform In a scries ol events as part of the campaign's tour Phrxo Manm mh. Members of Latin fusion band Ozomatll were the spokesmen for the campaign, which gives donations to the Celia Cruz Foundation. From left are Heineken's Karen Quinn. They are short-term con- tracts struck for a specific songs song or that allow Univision to shop the tracks around.

The promodeal can access the work of a broad base of writers who might not be ready to turn their entire cat- alog over to a publishing company. The system saves the cost of big advances company the and gives the writer liberty to shop other material via alternate means. Subject to qualification which will be supplied upon request. These women are beautiful, leggy and lithe, all hips and eyes, in the way that strippers in a relatively classy club can be.

We swear. In fact, as attractive as these women might be, we're in awe at their ability to undulate incredibly specific body parts: the upper third of a thigh here, the majesty of hip flexors undulating in fifth gear. More to the point— and our reason for a trip to Sue's on this fine spring night— these women undulate to some of radio's and the underground's hottest tracks. It's no longer just the hardworking ladies who make money at strip clubs. These late-night hangouts, with their booming sound systems and gender-mixed crowds, have become big business for the record industry, particularly for hip-hop labels.

At this moment in the North, we contemplate the rapid-fire, syncopated twitch of one woman's hyper-developed lower cheeks. These glutes could win a land war in Asia, and as they approach, pulsing to the beat of the Notorious B. Tighter radio playlists mean it's harder to break a track on the FM dial, and regular dance clubs where songs get played for a moment and then lost in a sity than ever — — tend to play what's already on the radio.

At strip joints, mix DJs are able to track ride, let a full ladies request and bass if the is right or the they can take a chance on unproven material.

That's major reach for lifestyle promotions, Interscope urban promotion executive Kevin Black says. And strip into that category. And while women are a minority, there are still artists are trying lo ones not on poles plenty of them. These include rappers Mannish Man and T. I'm probably the only label president there every other week," Dupri says with a laugh.

Record executives love the easy access to quick feedback provided by strip clubs. At Sue's, Blaze says he and other DJs get serviced know if like it in the club, they'll hear it on the radio," Blaze says. And it's not just moonlighting FM jocks getting serviced. DJ Alemo ran the tables in the hours before Blaze, and Alemo says he gets records from various labels, including Swizz the time.

Within 12 weeks. Smith says, they'll know Among if a record is hot or not and whether I it needs a remix. Virgin's Dupri, Clara's "1,2 Step. Champagne , is strip inal version featuring Jones. Houston's Club Onyx, for example, is an upscale venue is in- featuring Mike Jones. Urban promotion reps are Midwest and into the Southwest. Key venues are located in the like 'Laffy Taffy. Its popularity has spawned numerous remixes including one featuring R.

Kelly and Too Short, radio is relying primarily on the orig- 7, strip clubs across the United States, according to club airplay of these hit among entertainment venues. There are now more than to the all become another seems to want " Add to thai list among others, although records.

Freaky Soul " competition new project — My his promotional staging a "Are Yuu at strip clubs across the opportunity to tour with Uncle Luke. Smith adds. The plan includes visits to venues in 17 track by cities, in- cluding Houston's Onyx. Urban music's working relationship with strip clubs dates back Indeed, no less an authority than the men's room attendant to the late '80s when Luther "Luke" Campbell and the 2 Live at Sue's says top acts seem to stop by the club whenever they Crew first gained notice.

The dancers who worked with the cenare in town. Marshall notes that he works strip Robert "Kaspa" Smith is president of "I didn't have a big budget where 1 club promotions in one of two ways. Atlanta-based Hittmenn DJs, a promotion could hire regional people," Campbell Sometimes he'll host a party on behalf recalls. Here the different avenues could think of. Early in body works. Women that dance have a their career the brotherly duo previewed system.

In both cases, Marshall says the their records at strip clubs, including certain walk that's side to side as they DJ and the strippers are serviced with approach the stage.

The beat matches the new product. That will win every time! The attention the dancers are receivThe song must have a strong hook, and "Strip clubs were a part of our lifestyle ing from the hip-hop business reit has to have an element on the hook before this generation of artists started quests to dance in videos, for example breaking records," says Mr. Collipark, a that will be a party chant that the whole hasn't been lost on the ladies. If the lyrics make them feel sexy Ying Yang Twins.

He appears with the ing the game," Magic City founder Magic or makes the crowd spend money, it's a Twins on Bubba Sparxxx's current hit says. They aren't and club favorite "Ms. New Booty. That was a good job back Take your own girls in with you to the didn't have to take it to radio. Keep two stacks [money] in music made the girls want to dance, it in love with a secretary. We were one of the the girls. To do that, you have to Additional reporting by Ed Christman and only acts making music for the strip break bread!

Hillary Crosiey. Your favorite artist may be up next. It's the stuff that makes for lucrative contract renewals and, for the music business, a steppingstone to building artist awareness. Witness the parade of artists through TV show plotlines of late and the value proposition of the Q Factor becomes immediately apparent.

More and more TV shows are turning to artists field, Si-Se, to help boost ratings: show's cool factor, It's and an instant boost for the artist it to the means ex- posure to millions of eyes and ears. In today's pop culture-obsessed landscape, music supervisors are working closer than ever with TV show creators, directors and producers to book talent for scripted shows. Indeed, Moore and Gordon were watching the show with their then-1 1 -year-old daughter Coco, when "one of the characters namechecked me and Kim and we almost fell off thecouch," Moore says.

The two. Moore described walking onto the set of "Gilmore Girls" for the first time as a ality moment when "the re- versus fantasy bridge sort of collapsed. For a new artist like Jive's Chris Brown, his appearance on "One it allowed tor.

While it is often up to the artists as to whether they will perform or just appear, Ellis prefers that Sony Urban acts perform as "Gilmore Girls" pays a negotiated fee to license the music and pays an additional set fee for the artist to perform.

Sherman-Palladino says "Gilmore Girls" licenses a great deal of music, but artists rarely make appearances. C," where says. Additionally, for the week ending Nov. Many of the UPN sitcoms have become strong stops for urban TV shows, we're able to earn livings as mu- lywood since his artists sicians," Merrin says. The 88 is not alone. The group's songs have been heard in many hit TV shows, including 'The O. Cambridge I Days before commencing new act on a TV show, the process often begins months "Management will have casting executives come to the how [the artist] interacts," says.

None of the pertheir money from far more licensing their music to TV shows than they do from record sales. After licensing several songs to shows like "Lost" and "Grey's Anatomy," Purdy was picked up by the William Morris Agency for representation. If it's an African-American show, [the labels] think it's not enough exposure. Jimmy Buffett and Dave Matthews Band are perennials. But the question remains, enough Is this "Itlookslikea good yearwith to some greatacts CEO on the road," says Live Nation Rapino, Michael who thinks overall grosses for will be in line with seems versity of acts.

Nickelback, the bly Guns Who. Sounds of the Underground and the Vans Warped tour Constructions. My Chemical Romance, the Eyed Peas and larger venues. North America, however, on the season. But Rapino says more tours "Robbie Williams last year.

AlJ is summer tours. While Billboard Boxscore tracks concert grosses, it is a lack of net profits that has slammed promoters the last two years.

It's no coincidence that our philosophy make your experience sional and profitable. According to independ- silly by Live Nation "making these many tour offers to get people to play too dates or, in some any dates cases, at all to cre- ate inventory.

And we eat too much all Hurwitz Live Nation has be- bristles at overpaying and over- buying talent, an accusation its predecessor Clear Channel Entertainment often bore. The blend of nations provides a richly textured and original sound and though I'm not always fond of multi cultural collaborations these folks get it right with effortless and always appropriate transitions between musical styles. There are five vocals by Andy whose voice seems to have lost none of the power, beauty and expressiveness that it had 35 years earlier when his career was first starting, two by Bruce Molsky and one by Donal.

Andy's O'Donoghue's find Andy revisiting his early days in Dublin and the pub where he and so many other great musicians would hang out and play - a lovely and whimsical tribute. I don't think Donal has taken lead vocal very often but his performance of the Gaelic song Siun Ni Dhuibhir is a real gem and the instrumental passages in the song are exquisite.

He only recorded a few cuts commercially and these were available on a now out of print Bear Family CD. Most of the cuts feature Tex alone with his guitar on a selection of traditional western songs along with some originals including two performances of Cattle Call and some covers of other artist's songs. A number of performances are incomplete - hence the large number of titles.

Sound quality is generally good though the presence of digital noise reduction artifacts is annoying. Detailed notes by Kevin Coffey. They made a handful of recordings in as The Aaron Sisters but by the time of these radio transcriptions they had adopted the name The Randall Sisters.

The group was not strictly speaking a country group though they did some country songs - sometimes with an annoying exaggerated Southern accent. They also did blues and pop songs and stylistically they are probably closer to The Boswell Sisters than The Girls of The Golden West though lacking the improvisations of the Boswells.

Most of the tracks are either acapella or just accompanied by acoustic guitar. Sound quality is excellent and there are informative notes by Kevin Coffey. He died in a bike accident in '74 at the age of 32, which was the beginning of Buck's spiral down, not to be picked up again until he teamed with another young buck, Dwight Yoakum. However, their influence on ska music, which later mutated into rocksteady and then reggae, is immense-and the seeds of that influence is contained on these 32 songs.

Although the Skatalities reformed in and continue to this day with none of the original members , it is this time period and these recordings that cement their reputation.

And even though this is not a definitive Skatalites compilation as it contains none of their Treasure Isle work , it is still an essential primer on the true sound of ska music. This collection was originally issued in and this version has had some tracks removed and some added; and although some important tracks were removed, the overall integrity of the set is preserved.

Traditional bluegrass at its best with most of tracks just featuring Ralph, Carter and the wonderful guitarist George Shuffler who provides some gorgeous flatpick solos. Booklet includes new notes by Bill Vernon. P l ayback This collection contains the highlights of his original career run from 66' to - as well as his remake of his best known recording to a mainstream audience, Get it While You Can - cutting sides for Verve, Turntable, Atlantic, Epic, and HT. And while Hip-O Select issued a definitive collection of the Verve era long out of print , this is the first compilation to include Tate's later recordings and that is what makes this set more than worth owning if you're a soul fan.

Van Ronk is playing solo, with just his acoustic guitar; he's loose, joking with the audience and in no hurry to get to one song from the last, occasionally out of tune, but always sincere. So basically just the kind of live recording that you want from him.

Plus this includes the original DJ intro and outro, which I love hearing. CD comes with extensive liner notes, and some rare photos, though it would be nice to see a Dave Van Ronk CD come out that didn't mention Bob Dylan or have pictures of the two of them together, Van Ronk's legend in strong enough without always bringing up his famous and more successful friends.

Wild Heart. A Laramie AU. by Sevenstars. SUMMARY: In a slightly alternative reality, Jess Harper rides into the middle of an attempted land grab. The original concept of Laramie, to which some fanwriters have referred (although it was never canonically mentioned), had it that Matt Sherman was killed by land-grabbers; not till late 4th Season was this changed to a wartime death involving.

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  1. Ridin' With the Legend lyrics: I was on my way to Daytona, I had my race gear in my pack, When a stranger pulled up beside me in a stock car, painted black. He was dressed like a NASCAR driver, moustache with mirrored ey.
  2. A discography of commercial sound recordings of bluegrass music, that portion of the country/folk music universe which was based largely on the string band music of Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, the Stanley Brothers, and others, originating in the mids. Included are singles, EPs, LPs, CDs, as well as information on the labels releasing these recordings.
  3. Apr 25,  · this really cool and and very rare LP is a collaboration by Lee Hazlewood and sexy actress & vocalist Ann-Margret. the cover features an incredible sequence of photos of the pair in various states of dress & undress in an old-west-looking setting throughout the great deluxe UniPak fold-out cover it /5(46).
  4. May 15,  · Yall go give them a follow and get there tracks and more here dakrmo.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo dakrmo.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo ht.
  5. Ridin For The Brand, Fort Collins, Colorado. likes. The generous folks at Zion Lutheran Church have allowed us to hold our service on Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. in their worship hall. Call /5(8).
  6. VINTAGE PHONOGRAPH ADVERTISING From The Mainspring Archives by Allan Sutton BOOK $ Softcover, pages, counts as seven CDs for shipping Drawn from the Mainspring Press archives this book presents some of the most interesting phono-related ads of the acoustic era, covering products from the commonly encountered to the impossibly rare.
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  8. Country Cowboy lyrics. Browse for Country Cowboy song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Country Cowboy lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Country Cowboy. Related artists: Cowboy junkies, Country sisters, Little cowboy, Job for a cowboy, Big country, Man without country, Black country communion, For king & country.
  9. CLASSIC BLUES ARTWORK FROM THE S - Calendar Blues Images CD $ Due in a few days. Once again, John Tefteller, one of the world's leading record collectors delves into his archives to bring us a calendar featuring rare and previously unpublished advertising artworks coupled with a CD that complements and extends that artwork.

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