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But if rolling your own doesn't hack it in your head, buy a used CB base station transceiver and connect it to your regular CB rig through an isolator. You can probably pick up a used rig for a song and a dance.

After you waltz the rig home, disable its transmitter by disconnecting the mike and PTT switch. Your normal CB -J. My antenna is 42 feet above the ground, and it's feeding a signal booster. I am located in a valley west of Newton which is about 60 air miles from New York City. How do I get better reception on channel 11?

Seriously though, you need to install a separate stacked -beam antenna cut to channel Con- Discove- by asking! And, as you found out with your other antenna, the higher you mount it, the stronger the signal will be at your TV's antenna terminals.

Body Talk For a Color Organ I have a color organ which has two input wires and want to connect it to my stereo rig. How do I hook it up for best results? I don't want it to interfere with speaker performance. Generally, the color organ's input impedance is several times that of the stereo amplifier's output impedance. It's a perfectly safe procedure to connect the color organ's input wires to the stereo amp's output terminals.

Unless the color organ manufacturer warns you otherwise, connect the input wires to the 16ohm and Common or Ground amplifier terminals. Set the input level controls of the color organ so that the lights are activated on musical passages of normal volume.

If you're planning to connect one color organ to your stereo, then buy a "hybrid" transformer having three separate windings. Two of the transformer windings match the amplifier's output impedance; the third winding matches the color organ's input impedance. When properly con Continued on page 22 17 www. You may have - Only Heathkit solid -state TVs can be completely serviced by the owner and over the life of the set that can mean a savings of hundreds of dollars!

The famous Heathkit manual, Volt-Ohm included with every kit, built -in dot generator and tilt-out meter convergence panel make maintenance easy -even If you're a novice.

You perform all normal periodic servicing, such as dynamic convergence and purity adjustments. You can even do alignment and diagnose, locate and replace faulty components. And Heathkit TV utilizes modular design, with plug -in glass epoxy circuit boards to make maintenance even easier. Should you detect a malfunction in any one board, simply return it to Heath Company for 48 -hour expedited service.

During the 90 -day warranty period, circuit modules will be replaced at no charge! With this unique at -home service capability, Heathkit solid -state receivers are the best color TV investment you can make! A feature -by-feature comparison with any other set made shows why. A choice of three beautiful cabinets. Pick either Mediterranean, Early American or Contemporary cabinetry. Or custom install the chassis yourself.

Heath MTX-5 ultra -rectangular matrix picture tube. The new square- cornered design offers the largest picture in the industry 25" diagonal measurement displaying, for the first time, the complete transmitted image with no wrap- around at the sides. Specially formulated etched face plate cuts out unwanted glare, increases contrast without sacrificing brightness. Matrix screen - - around phosphor dots eliminates reflected light for clearer, sharper pictures.

High resolution circuitry for improved picture clarity, plus new adjustable video peaking that lets you select the degree of sharpness and resolution you desire; an exclusive solid -state VHF tuner with MOS Field Effect Transistor for superior reception even under marginal conditions; Memory Fine Tuning; 3-stage solid -state IF, factory assembled and aligned; Automatic Fine Tuning; VHF power tuning; "Instant-On "; Automatic Chroma Control; adjustable noise limiting and gated AGC; adjustable tone control; hi -fi sound output to your stereo or hi-fl system.

GR- MX, chassis and all parts, less cabinet, lbs.. The new GR has the same highly sophisticated circuitry found in the GRMX, modified to accept the popular sq. It delivers consolequality performance, yet is a "middle- weight" that can easily be moved from one room to another. Big-set features. Automatic Fine Tuning brings in perfect picture and sound at the touch of a finger; solid -state VHF utilizes MOS Field Effect Transistor for less noise, visibly better reception; 3-stage IF unusual in a "compact ", provides increased signal gain for better all-around picture quality; switch -controlled degaussing circuit lets you demagnetize set after moving it from one area to another, thus assuring pure, clean color; "InstantOn" is standard.

Kit GR, chassis and all parts, less cabinet, lbs New Heathkit Sterec Speaker System. AS No other stereo speaker system is so consistently rated "number one" by all audiophile publications.

And now the famous Acoustic Research AR-3a is available in kit form! Provides acoustic suspension 12" woofer for superb bass response to the limit of human hearing, hemispherical dome tweeter and mid -range driver for unexcelled mid and H. Has output level controls for Independent control of tweeter mid - frequency level to match room configuration.

Unquestionably the finest Heathkit stereo speaker system to date! Economical, two -way communication for the camping family on the move. Allows driver to converse with passengers in the camper or travel trailer, or monitor sleeping children. Master unit in cab has "Standby ", "Talk" and "Monitor" positions. Remote unit in camper has "Standby ", "Talk" and "Radio" settings, with the latter bringing music and news into the camper directly from the front-seat radio.

Kit includes master and remote intercoms, 15' connecting cable. Quick disconnect coupling optional. Operates on 12 volt automatic system. With this amazingly flexible system you design your home intercom to your own communication requirements. Master unit provides six channels which allow two -way conversation with six remote units or six other masters. Flower St. Devon Ave. Eight Mile Rd. Louis, , Gravois Ave.

Fond du Lac Retail Heathkit Electronic Center prices slightly higher to cover shipping, local stock, consultation and demonstrabon facilities. Local service also available whether you purchase locally or by factory mail order.

Master can be wired to monitor any four remote stations, or can be built to leave all remotes "private ". Indoor remote Intercom has "Talk" and "Dictate" switch positions. Outdoor remote unit is completely weatherproof can be used to Identify front -door visitors.

All intercoms include mounting hardware. There's no more modern way to prepare food. The low- profile Heathkit Microwave Oven features one of the largest capacities in the industry, operates on standard VAC household current. Kit includes specially prepared cookbook that gives a delightful introduction to the fascinating world of electronic cooking. Features telescoping fork up front, adjustable shock absorbers at the rear wheel. Powered by a durable 5 -h. Hefty two-wheel brakes give sure stopping power.

Big 18x8. Fold -down handlebars and collapsible foot pegs make it a cinch to stow. Options include running lights, powered by alternator, and front wheel snow ski. Please send Credit Application. Prices b specifications sublect to change without notice.

Zapped by a Zene-R What value of resistor should I use with a zener diode in a voltage regulator circuit? It depends upon the maximum input voltage Emax , the minimum load current I and the regulated output voltage Eout. First calculate the voltage drop across R which is 9. If the zener diode is a 10watt type, its zener current will be approximately 1 ampere.

The value of R, therefore, should be 5. Also, it will dissipate 6. Since a 5. Now, if load current rises to 1 ampere.

Or, if input voltage dropped to 13 volts with load current at 20 mA. Now, with reduced input voltage, if load current rises to mA, the voltage drop across R would remain at 3. What you are really at the mercy of is an improper designation! We looked in Toshiba's catalog of transistor types, and found a type 2SA93 listed.

The transistor type you wrote to us asking info for doesn't exist; a simple little problem like substituting an S for a 5 makes all the difference! There are several replacement types for this transistor; try a 2N, 2N, or 2N if you can't find the 2SA You can buy the Toshiba transistor, or any of its equivalents, at any well-stocked electronics supply house.

Reed Switch Lowdown A project I want to build calls for a reed switch. What is a reed ,switch? A magnetic reed switch is a type of relay consisting of two ferromagnetic reeds sealed into a glass tube. Inside this tube is a controlled atmosphere. The reeds are insulated from each other by a small air gap. When placed inside a coil of wire which is series connected to a battery, the reeds become magnetized in opposite polarity and they make contact. By energising the coil you have an SPST switch.

There are various ways to control the reeds. The advantage of magnetic reed relays lies in their high speed switching capability. Also, the contacts are highly reliable because they are hermetically sealed from the contact killing oxidants found in the air we breathe.

The place where I bought this unit said I would need a power supply capable of delivering VDC r, 30 milliamps. I hope you can give me a diagram for this supply. As an audiophile- turned-philosopher of note once remarked: "Garbage gear is garbage gear is garbage gear ad nauseum. Louse -up l am strictly an amateur at the art of radio and electronics, and am now at your mercy for information about a transistor Toshiba type 25A Exclusive cordless Broadcast Accessory also available -Increase sensibility tenfold.

It's a space -age electronic concept that assures the maximum in hearing range and comfort Carry it in your pocket Especially suited for highnoise factory and office areas. And, its a low-cost practical answer to public phone distractions. What's more, the hard -of- hearing, and elderly folks find it a definite aid, while guaranteeing privacy!

Complete with easily adjustable fingertip touch volume control. Basically it combines the principle of a parabolic microphone, a high gain amplification system and stethoscope earphone for intimate listening.

Battery life expectancy hours. With it you hear everything,. Stay indoors and listen to bird calls and animal sounds. Place it in a baby's room or near the baby carriage or use it as a sick room monitor.

Hear how aircraft are instructed to land, weather conditions, delays in launchings, etc This unique device uses 1. Comes with earphone plug for privacy.

Includes I. No wires! Powerful tiny silver oxide battery good for hours of broadcasting! Great for party fun; kids' games; keeps you in touch with playroom, bedroom, or sick room. Complete with replaceable silver oxide battery, nylon strap, rugged case, "whip" antenna, and tuning device.

Electronic components designed by Saxton first in miniature electronic equipment. Cycles ; Audio Sensitivity: Normal voice at approximately 10 feet; Case: High impact polystyrene -electronics en. WS 60 E. Bargains galore, that's what's in store! Poly -Paks Co. Custom Alarms reveals how inexpensive professional alarms can really be. Install one yourself. Circle 3 for exclusive catalog. Get it now! John Meshna, Jr. Troubleshooting without test gear?

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I am enclosing to cover handling. No stamps, please. Sail boats With the 71 Craft Print Catalog you can get top mailage from your own craft skills As a sailboat, "Petrel" fulfills the greatest possible variety of uses in one model.

It can be built as an open cockpit racing craft, or as a cabin cruiser with accommodations for overnight trips and shelter on fishing excursions. Cockpit seats four.

Either model is constructed from the same basi: design, and possesses unusual seaworthiness, stability. Construction is easy and inexpensive. An outboard of up to 6 hp can be used for auxiliary power. Due to the simplified construction, ordinary carpenter's tools and only average skill are required. Length, 16'; beam, 6'; depth, 23" amidships; draft with fixed keel, 24"; draft with centerboard down, 30 "; weight lbs.

Here are just 3 of the many great Craft Prints Plans included in the catalog. For minimum cost and maximum performance you can't beat " Minimax. I was just in Boston, and I ended up staying in not such a great neighborhood, safety-wise, plus it was pretty far from Boston Common, where I needed to for the ev psych conference.

Yet, here in LA, city government and special interest groups taxis! As Ungerleider writes:. According to research by L. Weekly's Gene Maddaus, there are about 2, cabs allowed to operate within the city. Each is assigned a letter from A to E, and may only complete airport pickups on the day corresponding to their letter. This rotation system, the result of an agreement between taxi companies and LAWA, means longer and slower taxi queues for travelers than is necessary.

Many LAX customers would choose to circumvent this silliness by ordering an Uber -- if only that were possible. As the law stands, ride-sharing services can drop passengers off at LAX. But only Uber's black cars and SUVs with commercial licenses can pick them up. If Lyft and Uber's more mass-market products were offered for LAX pickups, fares would surely be cheaper.

It's difficult to predict by exactly how much, because of airport fees. Also, I love that these drivers are smallbusinesspeople on wheels. And I particularly liked my driver to Logan this morning, Jeremias, who arrived in a suit, tie, and a snazzy hat.

I'm guessing the servants will prepare those beans. Her tweet with the photo is here. They just got back from their walk. To the point where I think they're now on speaking terms. TSA thug Melendy got all up the side between my thigh and my labia -- four times.

It was so disgusting. As was her groping my hair and reaching in my pants at the waistband with her gloved hand so deeply that she touched the top of my underwear. Oh, and at the beginning of the screening, she asked whether she was to give me a "standard" or "modified" patdown. Here I am, flying back from an ev psych conference and I'm forced to have a woman who is not my gynecologist give me a breast and vagina exam.

Prostitution is a cleaner way to earn a living groping strangers' bodies. You get paid for that, too, but the people you do it to are consenting. Logan, by the way, is one of the top 20 airports where TSA thugs are most likely to steal your stuff. Yes, people whose job choices amount to taking money for violating other citizens' bodies and right to not be searched without probable cause -- reasonable suspicion that they are committing or going to commit a crime -- are about as likely to find a terrorist as my dog is.

We find terrorists through having trained intelligence officers doing probable cause-based policing, not by security theatering every person who wants to fly to an ev psych conference or to visit Grandma. It's actually well-described by Carl Zimmer in this New York Times piece though Haig calls himself a "biologist" and not an "evolutionary biologist" as Zimmer does in the piece.

In short, pregnancy can be awfully dangerous to the mother, and Haig doesn't think this is an accident. Sneaky fuckers, those fetuses. Haig's theory has been gaining support in recent years, as scientists examine the various ways pregnancy can go wrong.

Haig said. In a paper, Dr. Haig first predicted that many complications of pregnancy would turn out to be produced by this conflict. One of the most common complications is pre-eclampsia, in which women experience dangerously high blood pressure late in pregnancy. For decades scientists have puzzled over pre-eclampsia, which occurs in about 6 percent of pregnancies. Haig proposed that pre-eclampsia was just an extreme form of a strategy used by all fetuses.

The fetuses somehow raised the blood pressure of their mothers so as to drive more blood into the relatively low-pressure placenta. Haig suggested that pre-eclampsia would be associated with some substance that fetuses injected into their mothers' bloodstreams. Pre-eclampsia happened when fetuses injected too much of the stuff, perhaps if they were having trouble getting enough nourishment. In the past few years, Ananth Karumanchi of Harvard Medical School and his colleagues have gathered evidence that suggests Dr.

Haig was right. They have found that women with pre-eclampsia had unusually high levels of a protein called soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase 1, or sFlt1 for short.

Other labs have replicated their results. Karumanchi's group has done additional work that indicates that this protein interferes with the mother's ability to repair minor damage to her blood vessels.

As that damage builds up, so does her blood pressure. And as Dr. Haig predicted, the protein is produced by the fetus, not the mother.

I'm reminded of Steve Gaulin and William Lassek's research on the bimbo body -- and their finding that women with an hourglass figure and big boobs and very importantly, hip fat rather than belly fat seem to be more fertile, to produce smarter children, and to have their children take less from them cognitively during their pregnancy. And yes, depressingly, children do seem to rob mommy cognitively during pregnancy, according to Gaulin and Lassek's work.

Getting back to Haig, he later told me about moss -- that it actually communicates with fellow, uh, mossy bits. I hope he'll come back and present on that next year, and no, I'm not kidding. Not a fan. When Boyfriends Babysit Gregg is babysitting my normally elegant wee Chinese Crested, Aida -- who now has the hairdo of a crazy street wino. Given the very real history of widespread ugly biases against women who reported sexual violence, the reluctance to accuse women of "crying rape" is understandable.

But the assumption that "women don't lie" leads to an equally ugly bias. Yet the CJR report itself downplays the problem of false allegations, making the familiar claim that only 2 to 8 percent of rape reports are false. Using the same statistics, New York University professor Clay Shirky writes in The New Republic that Jackie is a rare aberration: "If someone says she was raped, she is almost certainly telling the truth. In fact, this estimate is based on studies in which some eight percent of rape reports are proven to be groundless or fabricated--but the majority remain unresolved.

If every sexual assault complaint that that can be neither substantiated nor disproved is treated as presumptively true, that is a textbook case of "presumed guilty" at least when specific defendants are involved. On a lesser scale in terms of the type of crime "crime," this is also what was done to Bora Zivkovic, the former blogs editor of Scientific American. He was accused of "sexual harassment" for behaviors that in no way met any such standards. Nevertheless, people -- including, largely, self-proclaimed, chest-thumping "skeptics" -- all piled on and believed the women who squawked "J'accuse!

There was just a quick witch-hunt and the ruin of a man I perceive to be a good guy. The rich get Used to be that NYC taxi medallions went for serious coin -- more than a million dollars. It was an artificially high price caused by government limits on the number of taxis they could be issued for. Evgeny Freidman, known as Gene, said in an interview Thursday that the taxi industry, like the financial industry, was too big to fail.

He would like the city to guarantee taxi medallion loans, which would induce banks to extend more credit to fleet owners like him, and he compares this approach to the federal government's actions to save large banks and insurers in Freidman's problem is not unlike that of any homeowner who bought real estate in the early part of the century thinking prices could only go up.

In New York, medallions, the license that is required to operate a yellow taxi, are fixed in number, and their price rose for decades because of increased demand and restricted supply. As a NYT commenter "another view" writes :. Security Idiocy Has Gone International Dumbskulls at Heathrow confiscated actress Alyssa Milano's pumped breast milk, telling her that they would have let it through if she had a baby with her.

The Most Violent Age? It turns out that the "terrible twos" really are pretty terrible. Pinker pointed out that this is the time that humans are most violent -- constantly kicking, punching, and biting. The reasons Pinker points to for the substantial decline in violence over the centuries and especially recently include: The spread of democracy, literacy, trade, and cosmopolitanism. He contends they help us "increasingly control our impulses, empathize with others, bargain rather than plunder, debunk toxic ideologies, and deploy our powers of reason to reduce the temptations of violence.

I asked Pinker a question I actually knew the answer to via evolutionary psychologist Catherine Salmon but wanted to get out there -- whether the spread of Internet access and, in turn, access to porn, seemed to decrease sexual violence. The answer is, it seems very possible.

Pinker didn't seem familiar with that research. He mentioned some papers by Owen Jones, a lawyer with an evolutionary orientation. But I think I found at least one of the papers Catherine and somebody else I've read probably referenced the chapter she wrote on this is at home in LA. Via a Steve Chapman article at reason :. In a paper presented at Stanford Law School last year, he reported that, after adjusting for other differences, states where Internet access expanded the fastest saw rape decline the most.

A 10 percent increase in Internet access, Kendall found, typically meant a 7. For other types of crime, he found no correlation with Web use. What this research suggests is that sexual urges play a big role in the incidence of rape -- and that pornographic Web sites provide a harmless way for potential predators to satisfy those desires.

That, of course, is only a theory, and the evidence he cites is not conclusive. States that were quicker to adopt the Internet may be different in ways that also serve to prevent rape.

It's not hard to think of other explanations why sexual assaults have diminished so rapidly -- such as DNA analysis, which has been an invaluable tool in catching and convicting offenders. But if expanding the availability of hard-core fare doesn't prevent rapes, we can be confident from the experience of recent years that it certainly doesn't cause such crimes.

More on Kendall's paper and crime drops from Slate's Steven E. Shaken Baby Syndrome May Be A Bullshit Diagnosis That's Sent A Bunch Of Innocent People To Jail Susan Goldsmith, whom I grew up with in Michigan though she's a few years older is a terrific investigative reporter, and just put out a documentary, "The Syndrome," on "Shaken Baby Syndrome" and the medical and legal industry that's risen up to promote the notion that violent baby-shaking by adults who snap has killed thousands of infants.

Proponents of the theory grew so powerful in political circles, where elected officials were keen to show they supported helpless children, that laws were passed across the U. Failure to report symptoms, even if a doctor found the parents' explanation made sense, could result in fines, civil lawsuits, or even jail time.

The Syndrome interviews several medical experts who openly dispute the once-undisputed Shaken Baby Syndrome theory. Three major skeptics are Dr. Patrick Barnes of Stanford, who once believed it and now testifies in court against it, Dr. Ronald Uscinski of Georgetown who decries the hysteria as "pure Hell," and pathologist Dr. John Plunkett, who tested bio-mechanical dummies to determine how much shaking was needed to scramble the brains of an infant or toddler. Plunkett's findings have sparked a growing acceptance that the thin science underlying Shaken Baby Syndrome theory is wrong.

For one, the three hidden symptoms such as blood behind the eyes can't be created without causing whiplash to the neck. Yet, The Syndrome points out that there has never been any serious neck damage in any of the Shaken Baby Syndrome cases, according to records from hundreds of prosecutions. Further, between a quarter to a half of all infants in America are born with blood leaks in the brain, a condition that can compound injuries that could result when an infant suffers a short, accidental fall--the sort of mishap Chadwick has long instructed physicians to consider a lie.

Goldsmith's film stresses that a short fall can cause 50 to times more trauma to a baby than shaking, and as a reminder, points to the adult deaths of Natasha Richardson and Gary Coleman, both of whom died after innocuous-seeming tumbles.

Yet the mandatory requirement that doctors must alert authorities to the three "symptoms" drilled into them since medical school has lead to doctors, consciously or not, to settle on an SBS diagnosis without exhausting accidents and underlying medical problems as causes. FrozenTundraLinks Okay, so it's not that bad here in Boston.

But when you're used to Venice, California, well, it kind of is. Not Very. Aaron MacLean writes at the Free Beacon that an experiment admitting women to a Marine Infantry Officer ended with zero female grads this time and a total of 29 attempts by female officers as failures:. This result means that zero of twenty-nine attempts by female officers at the course have been successful.

The senior leadership of the Department of Defense has made no secret of their intent to integrate women into ground combat arms units across the military, insisting that the services "validate" their physical standards to ensure that they are "current. Related: Wayne State law professor and evolutionary psychologist Kingsley Browne on why coed combat will mean more dead men. Take-No-Responsibility Feminism It is astonishing to me that so many young women are growing up so wildly and willfully naive -- and it's the naivete of entitlement And no, no one has a right to take advantage of you and have sex with you when you're blind-drunk or passed out, but the reality is, bad things can happen when you let yourself be totally out of control.

The "logic" that allows women to go to frat parties and get so out of it that they don't remember what happened the next day -- well apply that to getting blind-drunk and walk home across the diag and just hoping you don't get mugged. And then there's the notion that I see here and there that you can use a man for vacation housing or temporary housing -- sleep in his bed -- and expect him to him behave as if you are two nuns sharing sleeping quarters.

Who raises women to think this way? I somehow had a sense that I had to be personally responsible -- which is why I got really drunk at 15 when I went with my parents to my cousin's wedding. If something happened to me, my dad would be right there. He laughed at me as I threw up at the side of the road.

I've also done risky things with men -- but each time, I assessed that there could be consequences and accepted them. I didn't have a fairy dust and unicorn farts view of the world in which I had or have some sparkly forcefield surrounding me and protecting me from all the things that could possibly happen. Sophia accepted his invitation, appeared in the editor's Brooklyn pad soon afterward, and spent many days accompanying him to readings and nights sleeping next to him in his bed.

On the second night, "we were sitting on his bed and he began kissing me I had no interest in making out with him or having sex with him but had a feeling that it would 'turn into an ordeal' if I rejected him I knew I had nowhere else to stay, and if I upset him, then I might be forced to leave. Your walls are really thin.

The scenario repeated itself again and again over the several days she remained in his flat. Back home, her networking trip over, she wrote about the incident. What person thinks that a man invites you to come stay with him and sleep in his bed and that this will be all there is to it? Shower down the hall and all that. Also, if you put yourself in a situation like this woman did, where you finally just get tired of the "ordeal" of turning him down, who really is to blame -- but you?

Let me stop here to say that Stan is a jerk, a boor, and an opportunist. His encounter with Sophia was seedy. Had I stayed in his bed that night and subsequent nights, I'd regret it very badly too.

But regret is not the same thing as being victimized. The fact that a number of young and less young women feel moved to equate the two suggests a real fragility in our culture. As sex has become an expectation between available single persons rather than a surprise or a transgression, it has also become less tempting and meaningful.

And as touch--via "Cuddle Up To Me" parlors, Tinder-style apps, and ubiquitous massage and sensual "service" providers--has become available on tap, it has grown easy for a person "tapped" to feel used and unsatisfied--especially when she is emotionally invested. But these are the risks of freedom. And if, by our teens, we have not followed Hamlet's advice to Ophelia to "get thee to a nunnery," there are endless risks and trade-offs we embrace in our lives. The fruit of these risks can make us legitimately unhappy or unproud or angry--just as they can enchant, inspire, and transform us for the better.

Either way, the attempt to eliminate them, via Big Brother-like legislation and finger-pointing, is a cure often worse than the disease. It's worse because it turns the clock back on gender equality and gender relations both. It cuts the breeze of freedom, exploration, and responsibility that was once integral to the American dream.

When everyone is a rape victim, no one is a rape victim. When enfranchised women who take their chances with men they find attractive or useful are equated with those who are forced to have sex via threats or deeds, everybody loses: The enfranchised women are cheated of the personal equality and responsibility for which their feminist forebears fought. The women assaulted are robbed of legitimacy because those who might hear of their plight are increasingly desensitized to the concept of rape and fail to act with conviction to punish and prevent it.

Need a plug; don't need Wifi. Need a place where they won't be mad if I sit for a long period of time. I will buy coffee and food! There's not an ounce of probable cause to search me at the airport -- as I was today at LAX. To violate my body. To touch my breasts. To grope my hair. To have the blue latex-gloved hand of Sharonda Juana Walker, feel inside my turtleneck.

And no, I don't go through the scanners, and the metal detector line wasn't an option at just before 7 a. Apparently, the sparse traffic at the airport at this hour leaves them plenty of time to feel up travelers.

A NOTE: I'm not quite sure I got the spelling of "Sharonda" right because she first told me her name when she saw me looking at her nametag, but then when she was done pointlessly feeling me up, she refused to let me see her name or tell me it again. Her "Walker" name bar pinned to her chest also said "lead," which I think means she's in charge of something. Maybe she's the head groper on the floor? And because I couldn't take a photo of myself and her as she was groping me, she's a big, tall, overweight black woman with odd ice cream scoops of hair billowing on her head.

Yes, the jobs program and the payout program to the connected entitled like Michael Chertoff , aka the TSA, continues to grope citizens at the airport, sans probable cause.

The notion that anyone who has to work for the TSA to earn a living -- basically repurposed mall food court clerks, if that -- could catch a terrorist with an IQ over the highway speed limit is absurd.

The reality is, anyone smart enough to survive in this blog comments section could figure out a way to get an explosive device into the airport and onto a plane. And the sad reality is, the TSA continues because so many Americans go through without complaint -- as their bodies and rights are violated in a pointless exercise, making a mockery of our constitutional right to probable cause: reasonable suspicion we've committed a crime before we are searched.

The despicable Sharonda Juana Walker's comment to me as she was groping my body: "You can always take the bus. Showing how ignorant she is. She doesn't even know that the very agency she is a "lead" for detains and searches Americans sans probable cause at bus stations.

The tone of the "bus! Prostitution is a far more noble profession than working as a TSA thug. Not that I have a problem with prostitution. But to earn money for providing a service to a consenting adult is a moral thing to do, while to earn money to violate the bodies and constitutional rights of your fellow citizens is something that every TSA thug needs to be called on -- and vocally shamed for.

And a note on that. When you go through the TSA line and you are violated, name names. On blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter; anywhere you can. It is reprehensible to violate the bodies and right to probable cause of fellow Americans for money, and anyone who does that should be called out for that.

But never mind that. A bunch of Internet quote sites say the line was Maya Angelou's probably because it's reminiscent of the title and a line from her autobiography, "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" , so the government stuck the line on a stamp about her. Jonathan Turley gets it right on this:. Again a bizarre and embarrassing use of another author's work. Saunders however dug deeper into the hole and insisted "The sentence held great meaning for her and she is publicly identified with its popularity.

It is like a stamp honoring the great architect Mies van der Rohe with the image of a Le Corbusier building. What is truly bizarre is that between the Postal Service and President Obama, Anglund appears to be losing credit for her own writing. In the problem of too many gringos flocking into Texas prompts the Mexican govt. On Dec. Jackson to negotiate treaties with the Indian tribes in Texas for the protection of U.

Mexican Repub. Adams later claims that Houston and Pres. Jackson were in a conspiracy to steal Texas for the U. On Apr. War of Independence ends Apr. On Nov. In Nov. Nicolas Rodriguez, giving them full control of the Texas Gulf Coast, preventing Mexican reinforcements from arriving by sea and contributing to the final Texian V.

In Jan. William Barret "Buck" Travis b. Henry Smith James Walker Fannin Jr. On Mar. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna approaches with an army as 54 delegates of the Convention of , incl. Sam Houston meet in Washington-on-the-Brazos, Tex. Santa Anna, who on Feb. James Bowie b. Kimball Kimble Kimbell b.

Independence Convention in Washington-on-the-Brazos appealing for aid, arriving on Mar. Cram his pesky carcass full of thunder and lightning like a stuffed sassidge Juan Nepomuceno Almonte accepts the surrender of the remaining Texans, and later helps Santa Anna earn the Texans' goodwill and arranges better surrender terms; Santa Anna heads E for Gonzales; rumors later spread of a cache of gold buried by Col. Bowie in a well; Susanna Wilkerson Dickerson and her baby are the sole adult Anglo survivors, along with about 20 Hispanic women and children and one slave, the rest being put to death and their bodies burned; Mexican losses are 1,; Davy Crockett pitifully begged for his life?

David Gouverneur Burnet to fight; meanwhile Burnet moves his govt. Sam Houston, Pendleton, S. Supreme Court until June 30, ; on Feb. Sam Houston gathers reinforcements, his men, crying "Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!

Texian losses of 6 2? KIA and 13 30? Johnson's great-great-uncle John Wheeler Bunton is shown half-hidden behind a tree trunk ; on May 14 after saving him from a lynching, Houston gets Santa Anna to sign the Treaty of Velasco , recognizing Texan independence, with the Rio Grande as the boundary, ending the Texan Rev. In Charleston, S. Civil War Confed. Thomas J. Jackson; Beeville, Tex. Andrew Jackson finally recognizes the Texas Repub.

Sam Houston had fought Indians with him at Horseshoe Bend. On June 5, the city of San Antonio, Tex. In Aug. Houston shares quarters with the surgeon-gen.

Isaac Kilough Sr. Stinks, er, U. In after the site is chosen to replace Houston as the new capital of Tex. Austin "the Father of Texas" first Tex. In the city of Corpus Christi, Tex. Edward Burleson and Tonkawa chief Placido. I fooled around and fell in love, yes I did?

In mass slaughter of the 36M buffalo bison in the U. Philip Sheridan tells the Tex. Then your prairie can be covered with speckled cattle and the festive cowboy - the forerunner of an advanced civilization.

Early in the s Plano, Tex. NE of modern-day Dallas, Tex. On June 19, after the Repub. Mirabeau B. Lamar to stave off the growing Tex. Manuel Armijo, and are promised safe conduct in exchange for surrender, only to be double-crossed by Armijo, who has them chained and mistreated, then puts their fate to his officers, who by one vote decide not to execute them, after which they are forced to march 2K mi. War before going into the sheep ranching business in Tex. Sheep Business". Supreme Court until , becoming known as "the John Marshall of Texas"; on the side Hemphill lives with his black slave Sabina for over a decade and fathers two daughters by her.

On Sept. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna intervenes, ordering Coahuila gov. Ewen Cameron, who led the escape attempt and is executed on Apr. Santa Anna becomes pres. Dragoons on July 15, and 70 diehards continue pursuing the traders, only to find them guarded by Mexican soldiers, giving up and returning to Tex. Calhoun being sent to the Senate for ratification; Calhoun then sticks his cotton' pickin' foot in his mouth when he sends the British minister a letter stating that Texas annexation will foil British abolitionists, and solid Whig opposition results in an overwhelming rejection of the treaty.

Tarrant and George W. Terrell and signed in modern-day Haltom City, Tex. Army in as Camp Worth, becoming the northernmost fort protecting the Am. Frontier after the Mexican-Am. Senate rejects the Texas annexation plan zealously pushed by Pres. Tyler, who wants to give slavery more room - I didn't want to do it, I didn't want to do it? On May 1, the Whig Nat.

Convention in Baltimore, Md. James Knox Polk of Tenn. Platform calls for "the reoccupation of Oregon and the reannexation of Texas"; "president without a party" Tyler fails to win renomination by the alienated Whigs or the Dems; the Chronicle of Ithaca, N. Election sees Polk barely edge Clay in the popular vote by 39K 1,, to 1,, , but win by electoral votes; the 62K votes out of 2.

On July 4, the Texas Convention of , presided over by former Tex. Supreme court chief justice Thomas Jefferson Rusk accepts the offer of U. Constitution amended in , , , and , and on Dec.

Polk sends Gen. The July ed. In Baylor U. James Pinckney Henderson as gov. Polk against war with Mexico, lobbying for peaceful purchase of western lands, and attending a Baptist church; in Apr.

War breaks out, Henderson takes a leave of absence to command a troop of Texas Rangers with the rank of maj. Zachary Taylor. Brown modern-day Brownsville, Tex. Mariano Arista ; on Apr. Brown cmdr. Polk labels these actions as acts of Mexican aggression and gets the cabinet's approval for his May 11 War Message to Congress , and on May 13 the U.

Polk's secy. Polk appoints Gen. Taylor disobeys orders to give his troops over to Gen. Winfield Scott in Tampico, instead advancing E to Saltillo - in hopes of this not being the end, my only friend?

Zachary Taylor finally gets to fight the Big Beaner Gen. Taylor gives the classic Am. Jefferson Davis leads a regiment that breaks up a Mexican cavalry charge, and he is shot in the foot, causing Taylor to lament refusing his daughter's hand in marriage, saying "My daughter was a better judge of men that I was"; the battle is a push, but both claim victory; Taylor is then granted leave to return home so that he can run for pres.

Santa Anna's personal effects; on May 15 Scott enters Puebla, Mexico's 2nd largest city, and watches 3K of his 10K men leave for home as their mo. Winfield Scott sets out again for Mexico City, riding the snake through the mountain passes, thereby cutting his supply line to the coast, which causes the old fart backseat driver, the Duke of Wellington to comment that he "is lost - he cannot capture the city and he cannot fall back upon his base"; on Aug.

Valencia blocking the road to Mexico City with his force of 4. V at the Battle of Churubusco the last fort defended to the death by Mexican officer-cadets on Aug. William Jenkins Worth take down the Mexican flag on the Nat. Palace and run up the gringo Stars and Stripes flag while the U. Marines occupy the Halls of Montezuma ; St.

Patrick's Battalion is nearly wiped out at Churubusco Convent on Aug. Peter Hansborough Bell 3 Dec. Make a run for the border?

Polk reluctant to sign a treaty with Mexico yet , with S. John C. Calhoun uttering the soundbyte : "[W]e have never dreamt of incorporating into our Union any but the Caucasian race - the free white race. To incorporate Mexico would be the very first instance of the kind of incorporating an Indian race; for more than half of the Mexicans are Indians, and the other is composed chiefly of mixed tribes", and John O'Sullivan uttering the soundbyte: "There is no growth in Hispanic America How would it kick the beam against the simple, solid weight of the two hundred and fifty, or three hundred millions - and American millions - destined to gather beneath the flutter of the stripes and stars, in the fast hastening year of the Lord ?

Trist engages them in brinksmanship, down-on-its-knees Mexico signs the grossly 1-sided dirty-deal Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo , ceding all of Texas above the Rio Grande, plus New Mexico and Calif. Southwest and making it a continental power, with a 1,mi. Polk is actually miffed at the terms, since he is eyeing the growing movement that wants to annex all of Mexico, but his fear of Congress' shenanigans causes him to submit the treaty to them, and they ratify it on Mar.

War begun ; the last Americans leave Veracruz by the end of July, bringing back with them a new taste for cigars and Mexican senoritas? Lee, U.

Porfirio Diaz. Longhorn cattle N; it later becomes part of U. Route On June 6, Ft. Worth, Tex. W of Dallas as the northernmost of a chain of 10 forts for protecting the U. William Jenkins Worth who died in Feb. In summer S. Army rescue attempt a couple of weeks later, leading to the Jicarilla War ends ; Glanton is finally killed on Apr. Civil War as head of the Fifth Mass. Army enters the Jicarilla War. In sq. S of Vernon, Tex.

In Norwich, N. Civil War. In June 3K Tex. Longhorns being herded through W Mo. Longhorns entering their counties, and in Dec. In the city of Uvalde, Tex. On May 30, after a push by Ill. Stephen Douglas to help the North catch up with Pres. Pierce's deal for a southern-route transcontinental railroad, the Missouri Compromise of is repealed, and the U. Kansas-Nebraska Act is passed, creating the territories of Kansas and Nebraska, while permitting a local option on slavery popular sovereignty Tex.

Sam Houston votes against it ; both slave owners and free soilers rush in, riots ensue, and the War for Bleeding Kansas begins, trashing the existing political party system, destroying the Whigs and dividing the Dems. Jefferson Davis to send a ship under Capt. David Dixon Porter to Tunis to purchase a herd, the U. Congress founds the U. Camel Corps , which next summer ships some camels to Camp Verde, Tex.

In the city of Dallas, Tex. George M. Dallas becomes U. Unionist Tex. Supreme Court chief justice in is elected to replace him, ending up as one of the first 14 U. In Todd County, Ky. House of Reps, going on to become a Confed. Civil War, a U. Benjamin Harrison to win the electoral vote based on the swing states of N. In Frisco F-Town , Tex. Louis-San Francisco Railway builds a watering stop 4 mi.

W of Lebanon on low ground called Emerson, which in is renamed Frisco City in honor of the railway. Sam Houston refuses to swear allegiance to the CSA and is deposed as he allegedly sits in the basement of the state capitol silently whittling on a stick while the convention above loudly calls him to renounce the Union.

Civil War sees the invention of the first modern weapon when N. Gatling Gun the first practical machine gun just in time for use on some Johnny Rebs; it is first used by the Union Army in , but luckily never sees extensive use. On June 1, the U. Post Office Dept. Warren in Boston, Mass. Wild West cattle drives; after the war the defunct rebel govt. Territory followed by Calif.

Union , near Las Vegas, N. Edward Richard Sprigg Canby , aided by the 1st Colo. Infantry Regiment 1, men stop Confederate forces under Maj. Infantry, led by Methodist minister since Col. John Milton Chivington messes up their supply train, bayoneting horses and mules, causing them to give up their attempt to take Colo. John Potts Slough pr. Infantry Battalion is born - getting some practice for Indian squaws and children?

Mexico gets its big Cinco de Mayo? Ignacio Zaragoza defeats an army of 3. Lorenz at the Battle of Puebla Cinco de Mayo mi. E of Mexico City; Zaragoza dies of typhoid fever on Sept. Civil War, but white supremacist Americans never consider it a holiday worth celebrating like the Mexicans, and later, Mexican-Ams. Hamilton Prioleau Bee on the Nueces River, who kill 37, ending German resistance to the Confederacy but pissing-off the German pop. John Bankhead Magruder , "the handsomest soldier in the Confederacy" begin planning a counterattack.

Constitutional amendment to abolish slavery, becoming the first since J. Adams in ; a similar proposal is soon made by U. John Brooks Henderson introduces a joint resolution for an amendment to abolish slavery. The Confederacy is done for, stick it with a fork? Lincoln sends a last minute trick message to the House claiming that he has "no knowledge" of Southern peace reps. Alexander Stephens to discuss peace terms, and had them held up at Gen. Grant's HQ in Va. Constitution , abolishing slavery and involuntary servitude except as punishment for a crime, originally introduced by U.

Ranjan Batra and Ken Sullivan to kick the Miss. Panhandle near the Canadian River near the ruins of William W. Bent's trading post , and the palefaces get surrounded, using two small mountain howitzers with lb. On May , after the soldiers fail to hear of the war's end on Apr. Civil War; the Confeds. On June 19, the last K Southern slaves in Tex.

In as the U. Sherman on railroad money open on a acre tract of reclaimed swamp land SW of the city limits, which later expands to acres, benefitting from the virtual shutdown of the Mississippi Valley by the war, along with meat-packing centers St.

Louis, Louisville and Cincinnati, with pens that can hold 10K head of cattle and K hogs; meanwhile Chicago doubles its packing capacity in one year, with eight new major plants plus many smaller ones, serving nine railroads; the stock yards peak in and finally close on July 30, Andrew Sheridan of Ft.

Dodge, Kan. Super Size Me. Jumanji : next level. Higher Power. Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. Black Panther. Hunger Games : L'Embrasement. Cendrillon 2 : Une vie de princesse. The most common and popular words in the English language Watch and download the most popular words in English. Books List An interesting list of books with additional information. Login Via. Remember Me? Free English Spanish Dictionary of top terms in both languages Learn only these words and you can talk Spanish.

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  10. Popular Mechanics notes that, given the station’s path of orbit, it could also reenter the atmosphere in the Southern Hemisphere near 43 degrees latitude. The magazine reported that “parts of the United States, the Iberian Peninsula, China, the Middle East, South America, Australia, and New Zealand are all potential reentry locations.”.

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