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Laura - University Of North Texas One OClock Lab Band* Directed By Neil Slater - Lab 95

The section vibrato is very difficult to get right, he explained. But matching saxes is no different than matching strings. The wave of the vibrato is exactly the same. The players follow me on clarinet.

Playing a thin reed on top of a sax section just doesnt work, he said. You need something with resistance so you can penetrate those saxes.

Some say that Miller experimented with these voicings as early as when he was the New York contractor and trombonist for English bandleader Ray Noble. Around that time, DownBeat picked up on Millers early career. It was not a good start. But DownBeat tracked him Our May 15, , issue through his first failed band in , then his second try in the spring of , when he began building on the clarinet lead sound.

Within 18 months he had rolled past all competition, including Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw, to become the most popular and successful big band leader of the swing generation. Miller would have the greatest run of success of any major big band before or since. It was also the shortest. Within three years the civilian band dissolved for the duration, and the Army Air Force became his patron. In June the Air Force band shipped off to England to play concerts in B hangars and mess halls. That December, Miller was lost forever on a short, foggy flight from London to Paris.

But if Miller would never be heard from again, the same cannot be said for his music. After the war, the audience and demand were as hot as ever, setting up a unique opportunity that Millers lawyer, David Mackay, was quick to grab: to continue the Miller music by proxy. After his disappearance, the Air Force band had played on without a hiccup. In late , Mackay and Millers widow, Helen, turned to Tex Beneke, whose vocals and tenor had been central to the pre-war band.

On Jan. Though no one realized it, the momentum of Millers fame had spawned an unexpected stepchild: the worlds first successful ghost band. Time magazine noted the phenomenon in , though without the impolite phrase. Its a term critics and some musicians still use with a condescending smirk, suggesting a formulaic model that forbids innovation.

The Miller-Beneke orchestra of was the first of the breed to make it. It became the matrix for a growth industry that would one day blanket the world and transcend all styles. Basie and Charles Mingus into the cover band or the tribute act, where impersonation conjures all brands of illusion and nostalgia, from the Four Aces, the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin and Genesis to the more tacky theater of Elvis and Michael Jackson impressionists.

No demographic is ignored. Taken as a whole today, it may be the largest single engine of the live performance business. It all began with Glenn Miller.

After a few years, however, Beneke grew restless serving a shadow master. He tried to develop the band as he thought Miller might have. But the Miller family had other ideas.

The final break came in when Mackay seized the library and ended Benekes. A new generation of dance bands was coming up that freely mined the sound, while RCA Victor issued the first of three lavish limited edition sets of Miller recordings and live broadcasts.

The Miller revival turned into a boom in when Universal released The Glenn Miller Story, by far the best of the bandleader film bios. Its impact was immediate. Drummer Ray McKinley, who had worked with Miller on and off from the early 30s through the war years, signed on as leader and saw it through its first successful decade.

When she died in June , Mackay became sole owner. I ask for improv excerpts to make sure they can play inside the charts. It cant be Miller meets Coltrane. There were even internecine suits. Another suit was settled when Mackay bought out the familys interests. The Miller estate was formally dissolved at the end of When Mackay died in , his son, David Mackay Jr. Millers surviving adopted daughter, Jonnie, reportedly holds a single ceremonial share.

Since its founding, the band has performed continuously for 57 years under a succession of nine leaders, including such star performers as McKinley, Buddy DeFranco and Peanuts Hucko.

But management has always been hands-on. In an acrimonious split between leader Gary Tole and Mackay led to a suit in federal court. Singer Nick Hilscher has led the current edition since then, and he looks the part. With his perfect hairline and sharp, chiseled features, he carries the graceful aura of an Armani ad in motion, but without the faux hip stubble.

He suggests a subtle retro elegance that fits his mission. When I was a high school freshman, I knew what I wanted to do, he said during a recent interview in Frankfort, Ill. There was a girl I really liked, and she said, What do you want to be? I said a singer and have my own big band. She looked at me as if I was crazy. And here we are. It was the scene where Miller was rehearsing the band that locked the deal, he recalled.

The trumpet player busts his lip. So Miller stays up all night rewriting for the clarinet. Very Hollywood, but so dramatic when Moonlight Serenade materializes tentatively one chord at a time and takes form. I loved it. I soon found Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra, and my foundation was in place.

As Hilscher spoke, he glanced occasionally toward his iPhone, checking the daily schedule of arrivals, sound checks, hit times and departures,. Its symbolic of the bands perpetual efficiency.

As the players assembled for the sound check, one couldnt help but notice the mix of youngsters and veterans. Ive been with the band since straight, said lead trombonist and North Texas alum George Reinert. A great career. Right in front of him sits first tenor Cody Leavel, 22, who has all of 10 days behind him now. Im in Tex Benekes old spot, he says. Hes one of my favorite players. Turnover is heavy. The hardest part of traveling is always uprooting yourself and starting over, said bassist Seth Lewis.

Ive been here less than a year, but thats longer than half the band. The need for replacements is steady. Some come from member recommendations. But lead alto player Kevin Sheehan has also set up a digital audition process.

I send out audition excerpts as a PDF file, he said. Players record the parts and send back an MP3. One is the lead tenor sheet on Moonlight Serenade. I want to hear the vibrato on those sustained notes.

I also ask for improv excerpts to make sure they can play inside the charts. If space for self-expression is as cramped as the band bus, that doesnt make it boring. Veterans understand this.

I dont see myself as a jazz musician, said third trombonist Joseph Zeigenfus, whos been in and out the band since the DeFranco days with long layovers in Atlantic City.

Ive done shows all my career. I see this as a show. Its what I do. Glenn Miller may be a legendary name, but that doesnt mean offers flood in every day. Booking a traveling band is like assembling a vast and expensive moving puzzle. Youre constantly scrambling for the piece that fits.

Even when Basie and Woody Herman were still on the road, it was no different. We had 15 agents on the phone 10 hours a day all day long, beating the bushes to keep those bands alive, said Cassidy. The basic strategy hasnt changed. You start with a calendar of advance dates, then fill in the dots between. This means getting on the phone, selling buyers along the way and creating a tour map with a minimum of long hops.

It takes a combination of hard work, flexibility, timing and luck to make customers needs converge with the bands route. Everything becomes negotiable. This is the business of the Phoenix Talent Agency. After the Alexander Agency closed in , Miller and other big bands needed representation. So DeStefano and Mackay created Phoenix as a separate successor company. Its forte remains big bands and tribute groups. But, DeStefano said, if we can pick up a small venue on an open Tuesday between point A and B on our map, wed be foolish not to do it.

You always look for opportunities. On rare occasions, we can do a well-routed date on short notice for less. The art and arithmetic of keeping a traveling band. Today the Miller nameplate has a remarkably sharp shine to it, in part because a succession of custodians have made it their business to keep it buffed and polished.

Theyre not here to break new ground but to keep old ground hallowedor at least well seeded. If critics ignore it, its only because theres nothing to criticize, no mysteries to probe, nothing to argue about.

If you can respect that mission, you can respect the music it produces. If not, at least enjoy it. Thats why theyre here. Once upon a time in the East Village, that bohemian neighborhood tucked away below 14th Street on the island of Manhattan and affectionately known by its denizens as Alphabet City , John Zorn was regarded as a downtown composer, which he has always taken as a pejorative.

Back then, in the late 70s through the 80s, Zorn was relegated to such fringe venues as 8BC, The Saint, Chandelier, Roulette and King Tuts Wah-Wah Hut, where he could often be seen blowing duck calls into buckets of water or unleashing torrents of circular breathing in the altissimo range of his alto sax.

But that was then, and this is now. And the terrain has changed drastically. In celebration of his 60th birthday he was born Sept. Major arts institutions in New York are recognizing his milestone with special Zorn 60 concerts.

He will have major recitals at Columbia Universitys Miller Theater, where his orchestral, chamber music works and game pieces will be performed in a three-day event from Sept.

This flurry of activity comes on the heels of triumphant uptown shows in July at the Guggenheim Museum, where Zorn premiered two new works for a cappella female voices, Earthspirit inspired by Zorns spiritu-.

That first evening at the Lincoln Center Festival concluded with Zorn, decked out in omnipresent camouflage pants and T-shirt, performing wild improvisations on Alice Tully Halls Kuhn organ in a program titled Hermetic Organ, after a Zorn recording.

It was a reprisal of a show at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine a church built in that was the site of Duke Ellingtons Second Sacred Concert in , where Zorn improvised an hour of harrowing and meditative strains on a hulking organ that has stops and 8, pipes.

The following night at the Lincoln Center Festival, all. Zorn has said, I think musicians are saints to Friedlander on cello. This kind of diversity coming from one composer do what they do, to make the sacrifices they make to It took more than 30 years, but John Zorn is now regarded as an important composeruptown, down- is astonishing.

And yet, Zorn insists its all of a piece. And he rewards them with music that All the various styles are organically connected to comes directly from his soul, the likes of which they town and all around the world. Im an have never played before. Zorns creative process is rigorous and monastic.

Complete String Quartets, which was the great- additive personthe entire storehouse of my knowlest thing I have ever seen, enthused Masada String edge informs everything I do.

People are so obsessed When inspiration hits, he will go into silent retreat Trio violinist Mark Feldman. What could be more with the surface that they cant see the connections, in the cramped confines of the same spartan walkuptown than that? And the place was 80 percent but they are there. Or as he told David Garland from up apartment he has lived in since and not see packed.

Quartet or some other famous string quartet. I mean, running through all those musics, which causes mis- During these undisturbed streams of creativity, he it just worked perfectly. You felt like in that moment understanding. Theres so many different things that will go without food or sleep, sometime for days, finally emerging with a finished work. His joy is in he had really broken that uptown-downtown barri- have fed my creativity and continue to feed it.

Since it was founded in , Tzadik has released the discovery. People in the press are just starting to view him as You have to be obsessed with these things, a whole rather than just dealing with the individual more than recordings by a variety of artists on pieces of his work, which can be so varied.

If its going to be believable and honattitude given to a respected composer like Stravinsky. Culture and Film Music series as well as on the est, you have to lose yourself in it. Thats the key. They look at his work as a whole. John has a very detailed mind, and Zorn is an utter enigma to the press particularly to jazz critics, whom he gener- Zorn plays The Hermetic Organ, Office No.

Many writDreamers. He knows exactly what ers have misunderstood the composers he wants and he doesnt stray far from ways. Zorn, in turn, doesnt seem to want to thatunless he hears something that be called a jazz artist, and he rarely grants shines a light, and then hell take that and interviews. And when he does a recording, fearless dreamer, force of nature, hes concerned with every detail, right MacArthur Fellow, Radical Jewish Culture down to the look of the package.

He gets guru, hardcore maven Zorn is all of this an idea and he follows it through to the and more. To the musical community he nth degree in the quickest time possible. He doesnt let anything get in the way The difficulty in comprehending his from the moment of its inception to the work lies not only in its complexity, and moment of its completion. In , he released 13 recordhe also has a generous sense of humor, ings of original music on his own fiercely said Masada trumpeter Dave Douglas.

Some of our records He demands complete focus and utmost effort from Blood ; to sweetly affecting tunes brimming with sell 50, copies, some sell copies, the maestro the players, and at times he can be relentless to the point of discomfort. But when you are in his band, childlike innocence A Vision In Blakelight, dedi- label head has said.

How can one artist produce 13 CDs of meaning- you quickly realize that every action is at the service cated to the visionary writer William Blake ; to the of his musical vision, with no compromises.

It is a radiant trio project The Gnostic Preludes: Music ful music in a single year? Zorn has managed to be so prolific because he profound feeling. Of Splendor, featuring guitarist Bill Frisell, harpist In terms of the different Zorn bands that I play Carol Emanuel and vibraphonist Kenny Wollesen; has a very gifted way of deflecting distraction, said to the evocative, minimalist Mount Analogue based bassist-producer and longtime collaborator Bill in, my role depends on the concept, said bassist on G.

In a piece such as Illuminations, tain island linking Heaven and Earth. The result Death drummer Mick Harris in the hardcore band where the piano part is percent written but the of uncommon dedication and a unique carthar- Painkiller and also in an improvising trio with icon- rhythm section improvises, I am given full license tic vision, Mount Analogue is a highlight of Zorns ic avant garde drummer Milford Graves. Hes very to make my own choices.

But in ensembles like career. In the album liner notes, he referred to it as quick to dismiss anything that might interfere with Moonchild or Nova Express, I need to play what is his moving forward.

Everybodys always coming to written, maintain tempos, make cues and improone of my greatest achievements. Last year also saw the release of his contempo- you all the time saying, Lets do this project. And vise with a certain intent and in a specific context.

He says In either case, being an integral part of the ensemble writer Arthur Rimbaud. It included one outrageous it authoritatively and sometimes aggressively. But I is key, and Zorn keeps an eye on us to make sure we file card piece, Conneries, that had Zorn playing dont have that ability.

Zorn also knows how to uti- are realizing his vision as a composer and interacting alto sax, piano, organ, guitar and drums. He also lize the time very well. As long as Ive known him, within the group in a way that benefits the music. Zorn is a seeker. His pursuit is that place between released two new volumes from his ongoing Book of hed never waste a second. Its simple, Zorn once told me over stuffed the known and the unknown, the accessible and the Angels series: Pruflas Vol.

Im insulated against the chaos so I can cism, alchemy and magic. His works like Mount gumbri accompanied by slamming drummer focus on my work. I dont have a TV, I dont go on Analogue sustain a mood of wonder and mystery. Kenny Grohowski and screaming electric guitarists vacation. Where am I gonna go? I dont have any Composed during a three-week period of isolation and intense creative activity, it consists of 61 musichildren; my compositions are my children.

Eyal Maoz and Aram Bajakian. Zorns loyalty to the inner circle of musicians cal movements composed randomly. It has the air of a spiritual journey; in fact, Zorn fasted for three days while immersed in the project. As he wrote in the liner notes: Today creation seems to me a magical actunknown, mysterious, part divination, part prayer, part invocation, part alchemy, part ritual.

But at the heart of it all lies deep responsibility. The work and the search are one, and along the way any and all methods must be accessednew ones inventedif a journey to the inaccessible is to continue. That same kind of creative immersion was in full effect in the early 90s when Zorn challenged himself to write compositions in a year for his Masada songbook, which was his attempt to bring Jewish music into the 21st century.

I ended up writing over for the first book and then performed it countless times for the next 10 years [with the Masada Quartet and Electric Masada group]. Then I thought, Maybe itd be nice to write some more tunes. And I wrote more tunes. When I started writing those it was, Lets see if I can come up with tunes in a month instead of in a year. So in the first month I popped out tunes, the second month another , in the third month another tunes.

I had no idea that was going to happen. That second Masada songbook of songs, which Zorn began composing in , is known as the Book of Angels. Above all, he is a force for good in the universe.

He is an incredible musician and composer, of course, but beyond that, he has that rare quality of inspiring everyone around him by being so deeply connected with what he believes and sharing it with such intensity with the world. Elsie Offenbacker Alger; six children. Weaver Monger, Mrs. Monger, Mrs. Ray Jenkins, all of Elkton; Mrs. Donald Durham, of Glen Burnie.

Alger, of Shenandoah: 21 grandchildren: 9 great-grandchildren: one brother, Hunter Alger, of Elkton; two sisters, Mrs. Annie Freeze, of Elkton; Mrs.

Victoria Layman, of Marshall. A funeral service will be conducted Wednesday at from the Bethel Congregational Christian Church. Madren will have charge of the services.

A brief service will be held at the late home at 2 20 prior to leaving for the church. Burial will be in the Elk Run Cemetery. Members of the M. Dofflemyer Bible Class and A. Davis, W. Dofflemyer, M.

Dofflemyer, A. Louderback, F. Louder back, Dr. Nicholson, H M. Turner, D. Jenkins, E. Monger, C. Armentrout, J. Armentrout, Jr. The body will be removed from the Brill Funeral Home to his late home Tuesday at p. William H. Alger was born Oct.

He was a U. He retired from Monger Coal and Oil in Elkton. Besides his parents and wife, Mr. Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon, Dec. Lewis Armentrout and Donnie Jenkins officiating.

Box , Elkton, VA He had been ill with cancer for 5 months. Mae Shifflett. He graduated from Peach Grove School. He lived in Harrisonburg all his life and was a self-employed building contractor for more than 60 years He was a member and past governor of the Harrisonburg Moose Ledge and a member of St.

Surviving are has wife, Carroll L. Allen, four daughters, Janice Allen of Route 11, Harrisonburg. Debra Allen-Howe of Route 1. Allen of Harrisonburg two brothers, Bryan K.

Allen, both of Harrisonburg; one sister, Ressie Dovel of Baltimore; and eight grandchildren. Jimmy Kite will conduct the funeral at 3 p. Wednesday at the Lindsey Harrisonburg Funeral Home.

The family will receive friends p. On July 1, , she was united in marriage to Kenneth L. Holloway Sr. Betty was a homemaker and attended Blue Ridge Independent Church.

She loved playing Bingo at McGaheysville Fire Department, and enjoyed spending time in her rose gardens. Survivors include two sons, Kenneth L. Betty had five grandchildren, Kevin, Lea-Ann, Kelly, Katie and Chris; a great-granddaughter, Abby; a stepgranddaughter, LaTisha; two stepgreat-grandsons, Camden and Maddox; and numerous nieces and nephews, including a special relationship with great-nephews, JD, Robert and Brian Deavers, and special niece, Sherry Allen.

At Betty's request her body will be cremated and her ashes will be interred at a later date. Visitors may call at any time, and the family will receive friends on Sunday, July 1, from 2 to 4 p. Johnson Funeral Service in Grottoes is in charge of arrangements. He was a retired employee of Neilson Construction Co. On July 31, , he married Frances Dean Powers, who survives. Powers Jr. Allen, both of Mount Crawford, Lester E.

Allen of Port Republic, Ralph F. Allen of Grottoes, Carl G. Allen of Rt. Allen of Kansas City, Mo. The funeral will be conducted 2 p. Thomas W. The body is at the W. Kyger Funeral Home, where the family will receive friends p.

He had been in failing health for the past year. He was a self-employed building contractor for 27 years, in the turkey business for 15 years and also operated Allen's Restaurant in Harrisonburg for three years. Allen was a lifetime resident of the area and was a member of the Moose.

Also surviving are two sons, Clarence C. Allen, Jr. Keith Hensley and Philip Constable will conduct the funeral at 11 a. Tuesday at Friedens United Church of Christ. Burial with military rites will be at Friedens Cemetery.

Memorial donations may be made to the Bridgewater Rescue Squad, P. Box , Bridgewater, Va. Dendy was a member of the First Baptist Church of Clinton where she served on the Youth Committee for a number of years. For 35 years, she dutifully, and caringly owned and operated Mrs. Emma's Daycare, and where upon retirement added an additional 10 years of service by working with the First Baptist Church of Clinton.

In addition to her parents and her husband, she is predeceased by her son, David Ray Dendy. The family will receive friends immediately following the service. Condolences may be expressed to the family at www.

She was preceded in death by three sisters, two brothers and her beloved husband, Coleman Clore. After her retirement from Comdial in Charlottesville, she enjoyed cooking, gardening and visiting with family and her many friends.

She was a very special lady and she touched the lives of many people. The family would like to sincerely thank her devoted neighbors, especially Red and Peggy Jenkins and the wonderful, caring doctors, nurses and staff on the seventh floor at Martha Jefferson Hospital. A graveside service will be held at Hebron Lutheran Church in Madison at a.

Tommy Palmer officiating. Family and friends are invited to her home following the service. Box , Madison, Virginia Preddy Funeral Home in Madison is in charge of arrangements. He was born Oct. His wife, the former Alice Virginia Williams, died April 6, He is survived by two brothers, C. Leon and Theodore R. Rinaca of Rt. Wednesday at Mt. Vernon Mennonite Church by Eugene K.

Burial will be in Port Republic Cemetery. Kyger Funeral Home, where the family will receive friends 7- 8 p. Ken was born in Fork Ridge, Tennessee on February 20, He was a proud grandfather to nine grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren whom he had adorable nick names for.

He was preceded in death by his parents, 2 brothers, 1 sister and 2 great grandbabies. Ken was an avid sportsman and he loved his Florida Gators. Rarely was he ever seen without some form of Gator memorabilia. Ken was also a member of The American Legion, Post He loved to play golf and was out on the course every chance he got. Funeral Services will begin at pm. Friends and family will be received at The Methodist Fellowship Hall following the burial services. The Valley Banner, Elkton, Va.

Allen was born November 9, , in Harrisonburg, and was a daughter of the late Hensel and Hazel Breeden. She was a homemaker, and enjoyed dancing. All services were private. The family requests memorial gifts to be made to the Kyger Funeral Home, Nicholson Road, Elkton, Virginia , to help with expenses. Catherine Sharp, in Grottoes.

Rinses was born Dec. Grottoes for a number of year.. Her husband. Philip Rinaca, died Aug. In addition to her daughter. Jimmy Pittman will conduct the funeral at 2 p. Burial will be at the Port Republic Cemetery. The family will receive friend. Shifflet Allen. Mary was employed at Knouse Foods, retiring after more than 25 years of service. She most recently had attended the Fayetteville Church of God. Her hobbies included traveling, sewing, flowers, and gardening. Her husband of 71 years, Floyd J.

Bailey, whom she married July 31, , preceded her in death on July 6, She is survived by her son, James D. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by three sisters, Frances, Margaret, and Virginia; and four brothers, Samuel, Floyd, Leon, and Theodore. Pastor Gary Yoder will officiate. Interment will follow the service in Parklawns Memorial Gardens.

The family will receive friends on Sunday, November 4, from 6;00 - PM and one hour prior to the service on Monday at the funeral home. Condolences and memories may be shared on her Book of Memories Page at www.

Allison, 67, was to be held at 2 pm Tuesday at the Patterson Chapel of Memories. Burial will be in Sweetwater Cemetery with veterans serving as pallbearers.

Allison was born in Farmersville Aug. Survivors are his wife, four sons. Herbert and C. Dorothy Green and Mrs. Faydeen Hallon, both of Big Spring: three sisters, Mrs. Libitha Cox of Snyder, Mrs. Lou Rust of Fort Worth, and Mrs. Almarode was born June 14, , in Waynesboro, and was the son of the late George R. On May 23, , he married Venda Shifflett Almarode, who survives. Also surviving are a son, George W.

Besides his parents, Mr. John Via and Danny Breeden will conduct the funeral service 2 p. Tuesday, June 24, , at the St. Burial will follow in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery in McGaheysville. The family will receive friends Monday evening 7 to 8 p. Friends may also call at the Almarode home at any time.

The News Leader from Aug. Helen retired from Western State Hospital after 35 years of service and she devoted her life's work to helping others. She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Almarode was the last surviving member of her family. Surviving is a son, Howard E. A Celebration of Life will be conducted p. Russell Waldrop. The family will receive friends one hour prior to the service.

Burial will follow in Augusta Memorial Park. Condolences may be expressed to the family online at www. Thomas Franklin Andrews Jr. Andrews was a member of the Mineral V. He is survived by his wife, Marie L. Funeral services will be held at p. Larry Winfield will officiate. The family will receive friends from 7 to 8 p. Nan passed from complications of ALS.

She enjoyed a childhood within the bosom of a large, joyful, extended family in York, PA. At Temple University, Nan received her degree in nursing. She then persued a two year residency in anesthesia where she was awarded the Thomas M. Durant M. Award in Medicine as a Nurse Anesthetist. Upon graduation from Pace University, New York, she was honored as a Fellow in the Society of Fellows, Dyson College of Arts and Science for her commitment to promoting education, academic opportunities and civic responsibility for members of the community.

Nan began a rewarding career employed in major medical centers, followed by employment in Community Health Agencies where she gave her time and energy to initiating and promoting improved health care services. By caring for a handicapped family member, Nan learned the merits of caring for and mentoring others to realize their dreams and reach their potential.

A favorite was teaching individuals with disabilities to ski in the winters and river rafting in the summers. Nan's friendship will be greatly missed by all who knew her and benefitted from her generous and consistent outpouring of love and attention.

Nan is survived by her extraordinary sons, Jonathan and David Bridget Spitznagel and her delightful grandchildren, Sean, Lizzie and Ryan. Avenue of the Arts. In addition to his parents, he is survived by his older brother, Giovanni Antonini, and his paternal grandparents Thomas and Wendy DiBello. Services will be private. Penn Ave. Online condolences may be made at www. Born Feb. He was married on Jan. Also surviving are two grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; one sister, Mrs.

Otto Loella McGowan of Rt. Cole, Lima. Daniel E. Snider officiating. Burial will be in Glen Cemetery, Part Jefferson. Friends may call at the funeral home. He never met a stranger, he always had a smile on his face. He was a loving husband, father, son, brother and uncle. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Carlee Ann Araujo. Temptation Island. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. WWE Raw. Meet the Frasers. Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Prime Suspect. Perro Amor. Killer Couples. Bluff City Law.

An Unexpected Killer. Watch What Happens Live. American Ninja Warrior. The Real Housewives of Dallas. Consumer Blind Date. It is surely a treat when the lovely candidates for homecoming queen are thankfully pre- sented before the corps. After the poten- tial queens are introduced it is time for every one to kick back and have a good time dancing and listening to good music.

This is a break for the rats, enjoying some of the fruits of the institute. After the mandatory two hours for hop privileges, its back to the hotel for some serious partying. Saturday is a busy day begining with the parade. Afterward there are some tailgate parties and then its down to Alumni Stadi- um to root the Keydets co victory.

After a big win by the football team, it ' s back to the hotel to prepare for the informal hop, another great night for the weary Corps. Monday morning BRC will come all too soon. The homecoming queen is selected from the representatives of the ten companies. Each company first has nominations to select its company representative. Each company then votes for the beauty to represent them. It is with pride that the companies send their girls out under some tough competition hoping that theirs is the winner.

But, only one is allowed to win, and it is this lucky girl who gets to be named for this special honor. Her escort was first class- men Terry Plunk. The weekend was the first time that many rats had seen their parents since that fateful first day in August, and for upperclass cadets it was a time to take a break from the usual week- end routine and take time out to enjoy a weekend with their parents.

For parents, the weekend was a chance for them to check up on their son. The annual weekend gives parents a chance to obtain a rare view of VMI life without having to actually be a cadet. They listen to their cadet gripe about life at the " " and hope- fully cheer him up before the weekend is over.

Friday of Parent ' s Weekend there was a reception at the superintendent ' s home for new cadets and their families. Saturday offered the opportunity for parents to sit in on classes, and to see the corps in a formal parade. Following the parade, there were pre-game tailgate parties, and then at 2 p. The Dukes downed the Keydets in a hard fought contest. Following the game, many cadets returned to their hotels with their parents or headed uptown to enjoy a good meal at their parent ' s expense.

Sunday evening came all too soon, however, and cadets bid their parents farewell and re- turned joyously to the Institute with full food boxes and a renewed desire to learn. The Kcydcls entertained the Parent ' s Weekend crowd with a thrilhng battle against.

IML above right. Third Classman Dave McGraw escorted his mother to his luxurious barracks penthouse above. Families and friend of cadets ringed the parade deck at Satur- day morning ' s parade, hoping to catch a glimpse of their cadet marching in the parade above right. A young relation of a cadet enjoyed the parade while sitting on the cannonball. With all the emphasis on academics and the physical fitness of ca- dets, one must understand that the focal point of life is the daily existence in bar- racks.

While many consider life in barracks to be a dreary and depressing experience, as it often is. Perhaps a cadets favorite past time is to sleep. Digging into ones rack is something that all cadets can relate to and is something that all most certainly enjoy. Another way that cadets occupy their time is to play games.

What kind of games do cadets play? Well, a big favorite is. Axis and Allies. The chance to hypo- thetically conquer the world is something that many cadets enjoy doing.

There are those that stick with the old standards such as chess and checkers and there are those that invent their own games such as sock baseball. For those cadets who are not into the various forms of games to pass the time there is always T. There are many ca- dets who spend much of their time parked in front of the tube enjoying all that t. Yet, there are still others that spend their time reading or hacking away at a computer. Others choose to just hang out and do nothing in particular.

Others elect to spend lots of time listening to tunes and enjoymg the sounds of their fa- vorite groups, while some try to enjoy some peace and quiet, if that is really possible. Some might say drinking or some might say a successful encounter with some young vixen. Well, I am here to tell you that it is neither of these. Besides sleeping a cadets favorite hobby is to see how far he can go without getting caught by the Com- mandant, Tac Staff, The OD, or the Ad- ministration. It is called playing the game and it is very fun.

Part of playing the game is to take un- authorized furloughs after taps. This may be a simple trek to Lloyds for a quick midnight snack. But, in many cases it may involve something a little more.

Perhaps an enterprising cadet might make a trip up to one of the various womens colleges Mary Baldwin, Southern Sem, Sweet Bri- ar to name a few. Sometimes a cadets urges are too great and the stick is something to worry about later.

With his mission ac- complished the cadet returns to post to find out that he was lucky and his room was not checked. If his room was checked refer to page Here is a hypothetical situation to ponder. In room there re- sides a true Virginia Gentlemen.

Bud finds out one night Wed. He figures why not go out. So he dons his best pair of civilian clothes and jumps out the window, hops in his car and heads off post. He spots a frat party at W L and stops for a few cold ones. The Frat boys don ' t like Bud too well and so he is forced to demonstrate hand to hand combat on all 10 of them.

As the police come, he jumps into his car and is off to Radford. He stops off and picks up a few more cold ones for the ride. Breaking land speed records he gets there in no time at all. He ends up at the door of a very close personal friend. She invites him in for a few more drinks. Bud, being the true gentleman that he is, shows this young vixen the true nature of their friend- ship. Bud, then realizes it is time to go, so he bids adieu to the lady and proceedes to set another land speed record.

He arrives back on post at 5 minute call and finds the Commandant standing in the arch with 10 heavily armed police. The Commandant orders him into his office, where he be- comes the only Cadet to ever answer a special while taking a breathalizer test.

A week later the Governor grants amnes- ty. The next night there was another early stick and Bud was out the door once again; Beer, Thanks!

After Heading for the Mountains Mugsey and Bakes haze a rat for the sheer pleasure of it. This Rat thought physical workouts were outlawed. He thought wrong! Of course not, women come to VMI for an education but of a different sort. Women come to learn vari- ous subjects not to include math or history. They come to learn of chivalry and servi- tude. They come for a degree.

MRS peri- od, that is. These Young Vixens are actu- ally here to see their courteous cadets. They enjoy watching parades and having young rats tip their hats in their genera direction. Most of them come from the a girls schools in the area but some come from long distances. They stay in the local hotels usually, but some find barracks more attractive.

Actually, the young ladies make the life of a cadet more bearable. They provide the cadets with the love and care that is often absent in barracks. Some come frequently and study in the library with their cadets but others only find their way to VMI during social functions.

Often cadets are boned because of their dates but cadets seem to deem this risk accept- able because of the value of the company of these young ladies. They always seem to find time to visit their ca dets. Girls, we salute you. Iim Florio and his date stop dancing briefly to pose for the camera below. This rat moves to the beat as his date flashes a pretty smile lower right.

Lance Oilman doing what he does best with an interested Baldwinite. Pep Rallies provide a time for the corps to really begin to get fired up for the game and to show the team how much the Corps is really behind them.

Pep rallies, for the most part, always begin with the pep band playing the adjutants call. For each pep rally the rats show their school spirit by dressing in off the wall combinations of uniforms or assorted clothing.

As the pep band and rats move into the old courtyard civilians, mostly cadets girlfriends from the area schools, pour into the courtyard to be with thier honey and get fired up for the game. The cheerleaders try hard to get the corps fired up for the game and some- times do a good job at it.

While many cadets stand with the girl of thier dreams and get pysched for the game, there are those individuals who cannot resist throw- ing a football around themselves. So, as one scans the old courtyard you will see several groups getting into thier own bone crunching games. One may even find sev- eral cadets playing with remote controled cars or just totally ignoring the pep rally altogether.

Corps Trip Each year the Corps of Cadets take a trip in order to watch the football team play an away game. L ' nfortunatly the Corps did not witness a victory for the Keydets as they lost to the Indians. While the football game is the focal point of the trip it is the opportunity to escape the dreariness of barracks that attracts most cadets to the trip.

The corps was released from duty at DRC on Friday and was on its way to Norfolk by various modes of transporta- tion, most notably was the automobile. The chance to drive to Norfolk and enjoy many cold ones was passed up by very few. After arriving in Norfolk the quest for a room was the next order of business.

After securing a base of operations many cadets took advantage of the many establish- ments that sold various forms of liquid refreshments. Once all the nessecities have been provided for it is time to get down and really party out. All in all it was a good time for those who attended. At last it was time for the game, the corps formed in its designated area and as typical of VMI it was hurry up and wait.

The corps then proceeded to the stadium and witnessed a heartbreaking loss to Wil- liam and Mary. After the game it was time for the corps to console themselves and take advantage of their last night in town before returning to the daily grind of the Institute.

I below Rals cheer on [he team even if it was in vain, top right First classmen ciieer the team on to the field as the smoke from Little John II covers the stands.

Well, up until this year probably no one. This " concert " was part of the first and second class party that was held the night prior to Ring Figure and was also a part of the normal pep rally that is held before each home game. While the Factors did not play to a capacity crowd, they did bring some joy into otherwise dreary existences.

The Factors who are composed entirely cadets or former cadets played some good hearty progressive rock tunes from groups such as R. While the first and second class shared in the fellowship of the ring, every one in barracks jammed to the groovy sounds of this very good band.

The Factors ended up stealing the show from the VMI cheerleaders, who tried but were unable to whip up the crowd like the band was able to. Whatever has happened at VMI in the past, one must say that having a rock concert in barracks is definitely out of the ordinary. Who knows, could we have Violent Femmes next? Opening hops occured this year following Homecoming Hops. Like all Hops cadets and their dates enjoyed a chance to do some good oV par- tying and to escape the monotony caused by the grinding life of VML Opening Hops this year were held on the weekend of the 23rd through the 24th of October.

Opening Hops this year were a little backwards in their own right, as Fri- day night, the traditional formal night, was the night of the informal hop, and Saturday night was the formal. The evening, a Col. Lemmer production, was a great success, and the possibility exists for other depart- ments to follow suit on their respective birthdays. Despite the confusion that the situation may have generated, the weekend offered cadets an opportunity to enjoy themselves, and generated an excuse for many females to descend upon VMI for the Hop.

Open- ing Hops are traditionally held on the weekend of an away football game. Such weekends are always dull and dreary, and for those cadets unable to take weekends.

Opening Hops were a chance to get away from VMI. A third explains the hop situation to a rat and his date below left.

A rat relaxes with his date above. This program is a challenging and demanding program designed to intro- duce the rats into the Military aspect of VMl. The rats are introduced into a vari- ety of physically strenuous events that build strength and stamina.

There are a host of events that rats are expected to accomplish, ranging from the VMI Obsta- cle course to the " run " up House Moun- tain. Rat Training is held every Tuesday and Thursday during intramurals.

The rats form up in their respective companies and then run as a platoon to the various train- ing areas on and off post. The rat training program is a very popular and productive program. Rats are challenged with such events as pugil sticks which give the rats a chance to gain a little bayonet training. Another popular event is rapelling. Ra- pelling is for many the first time going over the edge of a cliff with just a rope to hold; it is a truly exciting event.

The run up House Mountain is the most physically demandinc event. This mile run. But, all will agree that the satisfaction of making it makes the effort worth it. Perhaps, the most popular event is the Ranger Pit. This gives the rats a chance to get back at their cadre who have been giving them hell all semester. Every rat who participates looks forward for the chance at the no holds barred match with the cadre and the chance to get even.

There are numerous other events that pro- vide a physical challenge to the rat. There are the circuit courses, the Marine Corps and the VMI obstacle courses, and the various platoon runs that provide a chance to give the rats a challenge as well as de- velop a sense of pride in themselves and their company.

There are other challenges to rat training, including an escape from a mock POW camp and various other field problems which are designed to provide a mental and physical challenge. Here a rat shows the strain of one of VMI ' s more challenging courses while a brother rat is there to aid him if needed lop right. Ml rats enjoy rapelling.

All rats arc required to wear helmets to protect from falling rock and all rats are secured to safety harnesses and a safety rope to prevent an accident and injury, above A rat shows the strain of the " Dirty Name " on one of the circuit courses, while he is cheered on by his brother rats and under the careful supervision of cadre, right All the obstacles of the circuit courses are designed to challenge the rat and provide a new experience that that will be helpful in future military training.

RBHCaX a Here rats go through the milking machine, left an obstacle that tests upper body strength and endurance, under the watchful eye of a brother rat. Rat Training places an emphasis on developing a sense of camaraderie between rats.

Poised for the kill, a rat readies himself for the simulated close combat of Pugil Sticks, below Pugil sticks offers a realistic taste of close, hand to hand combat under a controlled and supervised environment. Besides the Ranger Pit, pugil sticks is the most popular rat training event and is always fun for those involved. All participants in pugil sticks must wear a football helmet, mouthpiece and use a padded stick while wearing gloves to prevent injury.

Rat Training provides the rat with an introduction to basic military training methods that are experienced in summer training in the various armed forces. The training ex- perience that is gained through Rat Train- ing is invaluable towards developing the citizen-soldier which is what the Institute strives to produce.

Rat Training is one of the many tools used by the first class to mold the rats into VMI men. This program utilizes a de- manding physical schedule that also places a mental, strain on the rat. This combina- tion of physical and mental forces the rats to bind together and to rely on each other to accomplish assigned tasks.

This pro- vides the basis for the unification of the mass into a class. While Rat Training helps to unify the rat mass, it would not be possible without the help of the three upper classes.

There are volunteers from all classes who man the various stations and courses. There are those who run with the company and pro- vide leadership on a daily basis to the rats. It is with their support and dedication that makes rat training possible. Rat Training provides the rat with an opportunity to be physically challenged like he has never been before and to en- hance his military skills. This program of- fers the rat a head start.

Cadet Life 41 Intramurals and RFT Each Tuesday and Thursday during mil- itary duty, cadets engage in the VMl in- tramurals program, designed to give ca- dets some physical exercise during the week. Intramurals are a welcome relief from practice parades, inspections, or for- mal parades. Clark King. The program consists of various activities, in- cluding weightlifting.

Also part of the program is RFT. RFT meets four times a week, and is designed to give cadets a chance to improve their physical c apabilities in order to pass the PFT. The afternoon intramural contests are not taken lightly by cadets, as the games in both basketball and football are often quite heated. Tempers flare on the hard- wood and elbows are often exchanged, and on the gridiron it would seem as if the flags are there for appearances only, as the hit- ting is hard and the tackling is frequent.

This year ' s football action saw the Bomb ' s very own " Bomb Squad " terrorize oppo-. Andrei Urtiew attempts to pull Dave Gibbings " flag, while John Boniface closes in to make the tackle if Urtiew fails right.

Run-for-your-rack was again the most popular intramural, with rack- loving cadets anxious to complete their in- tramural obligation and get in a pre-SRC snooze session. Despite the often heated competition and the gripes of the RFT gang, intramur- als serve a useful purpose.

Cadets are able to release a few frustrations, and maintain themselves in decent shape. Sean Bischoff works out on the weights during intra- murals above. Bruce Bangly eludes a defender and sets off on one of his infamous scrambles right. Cadets engage in AFT with Sgt.

Lane below. Im- proving their physical being, RFT " slugs " do effort- less situps below right. First comes Breakout when he is a rat. This is his re- ward for accomplishing the man hurdles that he had to face. The last stage is grad- uation. This is when he must say good-bye to the Institute and take on an entirely new challenge. The stage in a cadet ' s e. This is a time of joy and celebra- tion because he receives what ever VMI man cherishes, his class ring.

On November 20, , Ring Figure was finally here. It seemed so far down the road but it finally came. Cadets were in the Old Courtyard awaiting the start of the Ring Presentation. While wait- ing, a snowstorm started to fall upon ev- eryone, making a greater desire to get their ring. He was always playing recordings in the house and had musical instruments around for my brother and I to play with. I would say my first inspiration was my father.

When I got to middle school, I wanted to be in the band program so I choose the trumpet. I was watching TV with my father one day and Dizzy came on playing so that led. What improvisation offers me is another avenue for expressing my inner self. Whenever I listen to my heroes play on recordings, I get a certain feeling in my soul and I want to make other people feel the same thing.

JI: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have 5 trumpet records, with you, what would they be? MR: What improvisation offers me is another avenue for expressing my inner self.

Whenever I listen to. MR: My top 5 desert island trumpet recordings is a tough one to answer but Ill give it a shot. I love the sound of the recording. Everything is clear and precise.

The playing on this recording is breathtaking. I can listen to Miles sound and phrasing on this recording for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. It swings so hard and is one of the most musical live performances Ive ever heard. Another record is Clifford Brown with Strings. Again, Cliffords Sound and what he plays over those songs is the reason why I love this instrument such a high level of expression.

Freddie Hubbards Ready for Freddie is on that list too. Its tough to choose just one Freddie record but I love his birdlike solo on it so much that I had to choose it. Every time I listen to it I hear something new. The whole album still sounds fresh to my ears.

Every trumpet player should own this recording two of my trumpet heroes exchanging musical ideas back and forth. In my opinion, both Woody and Freddie defined the modern jazz trumpet. Last but definitely not least, I would take the Chapotin y su Conjunto recordings with me. Chapotins sound and phrasing is mind-blowing. He floats over the rhythm sections groove so elegantly.

JI: What are some things currently happening, or on the horizon, that you are excited about? MR: Right now in my musical world, I am doing a lot of exciting sideman gigs that are pushing me to become a better player. My brother Robert, a pianist and composer, and I have the Rodriguez Brothers project happening and we are continuing to travel, perform and grow musically from it. Ive also started my own quartet project which Im excited about. Robert has also been playing with his trio project.

We both love playing and will continue with the Rodriguez Brothers group but we also want to venture out on solo projects. JI: What does musical improvisation offer to you, your band-mates, and the listeners? Maybe there is something you discovered on your own? MR: In my development as an improviser Ive discovered a lot of things on my own. I have had great help along the way and still now at times.

But I think everyone gets to a point where they start to figure things out on their own. I think sitting down at the piano is very important. Ill sit down at the piano and play some chords and hold down the sustain pedal and pick up my trumpet and start to improvise. A lot of my development has been in this way.

Listening to recordings and transcribing has helped a great deal for me. That helps get the sound and phrasing of this music in ones ear. Its a language so one must approach it as they would any other language. Learn the grammar and vocabulary then come up with your own sentences to express what yourself. MR: I heard Herbie Hancock say once that being a musician is part of who we are. We are not always musicians through out the day. Man in the World of Ideas spoken word by Dr.

Cornel West, spoken word; Bilal, vocals and effects. By Bob Gish Heres a wonderful ristra of Latin tunes sung by an experienced cantadora in conjunto with a fine assembly of instrumental jugadores and musical jesters.

The only standard in this waggish assembly from the familiar jazz repertoire is Green Dolphin Street which in some ways is the least satisfying rendering of the bunch in that Bartras forte is singing in Spanish. One can only wish this tune, hardly the proponent of a witty lyric, had not been included or perhaps sung in translation. When she scats the tune comes more alive, and yet does not arrive at the level of energy as the rest of the songs found here.

The tune is, as it were, an exception not the rule. Its difficult for a salsa singer especially to stand out as a soloist, given all the repetitions and responses formed in the genre. Bartra, however, brings it off as a convincing soloist who knows not only salsa forms but more Afro-Cuban and here Afro-Peruvian traditions.

The whole enterprise is a fusion of world beats and rhythms blended with American jazz in a cornucopia of melodies not unlike the exotic head ornamentations of the late Carmen Miranda. Ballads and boleros seem, understandably, to be lacking; however, theres a compensatory high hat of tasty fruits and condiments to savor. The musicians in large part make the production the stand out it is and in this respect its natural to think of Bartra as one of the conjunto. Again, the Spanish as language stands out as its own kind of musica del alma.

Bartras is not the most soothing of voices, not the kind to appeal to the more popular airwaves of jazz. Her unique almost nasal stridency has its own siren appeal even so. Fans of Latin jazz will not want to miss this one to test their critical ear, cultural affinities, and comprehension of Spanish music, both for its melodies and lyrics. Introduction by Dr. Cornel West; Byus; Beethoven spoken word by Dr. By Matt Marshall Perhaps inspired by his work as a composer for films most notably with Spike Lee and certainly inspired by philosopher and civil rights activist Dr.

Cornel West, trumpeter Terence Blanchard appears with Choices to be screening a documentary without pictures: one on musics power to work as philosophy, criticism and a source of redemption. Its an interesting idea that doesnt quite fulfill its promise. Several tracks feature West musing as in an interview on subjects from Beethoven to imitation to moral choice. God Made It Beautiful is a short tune that takes things back to funk territory and Williams who is credited on piano but doesnt seem to play acoustic piano on anything ably accompanies Catalanos furious flurrying flights.

Damn Right keeps things moving in the same direction and by this point anybody reading this review probably realizes that stylistic variety isnt what Catalano is going for here.

Fortunately, the reasonable length of the tracks average length-less than five minutes per track and the album clocking in around forty-five minutes keep your attention. In addition, Catalanos intensity and drive cant help but keep your ears perked up and your adrenaline flowing as you listen to these funk-filled delights! Funky Dunky, the longest track on the album, digs deep and Daron Nelsons drums and Adam Whitsons bass are in the pocket providing the perfect rhythmic base for Catalano to burn over.

Williams gets more room than usual to solo here and he stirs the musical stew for a while before handing it back to Catalano, who quickly gives the reins to Daron Nelson. He provides a drum BANG! Savoy Jazz SVY The presence of an angry percussion; Jen Faletto, angry chick overdub. The programmed beat and straightThe cover of Frank Catalanos Bang! Catalano holds his coforiginal spin Ive heard on this track since I first came fee mug up to his mouth as he gives a menacing stare, upon the wondrous, reggae-fied version from the Jazz as if ready to grab his saxophone and attack at any Jamaica All Stars.

Catalanos bold, expressive playing moment, while an unknown woman stands in the on this program built largely from originals is sure to doorway ready to shoot the unsuspecting reed man.

The title track opens in mid-tempo, funky-jazz territory, with Catalano tearing it up on tenor saxophone. Daron Nelson provides the back beat while bassist Adam Whitson locks in with him. While pianist Scott Williams gets a bit of solo space, this is largely a feature for Catalano and his scorching saxophone sound. Soul Burner begins with Catalanos saxophone alone, establishing the mid-tempo groove. Anybody saxophone; Felipe Lamoglia, saxophone.

The cadenza at the up to his Grammy-nominated album re-imagiend of this track is brash and boisterous. Catalano nation. He augments his classically tinged, dexterous should be commended for moving in a direction that acoustic piano work with a futuristic warping from many players wouldnt take with this song. Elsewhere he waxes more poetic beneath, on top of or intermixed with the music. Its accomplished, well-crafted music, but nothing we havent heard before.

And the inclusion of Wests comments not only comes to sound like a gimmick, but challenges the very thrust of his words: that music is deeper than philosophy. Two for the Show Media offers special, one-on-one attention to the Jazz artist and their personal campaigns. Our experience includes publicity, concert promotion, artist development, and marketing. We have established media contacts print, radio, and television and we have the ability and know-how to effectively translate our clients goals.

Call Chris DiGirolamo: www. Roch Lockyer Nondirectional is notable not only for Lockyers thoughtful solos and original voice on the guitar but for his intriguing compositionsimprovisations develop logically Scott Yanow. Faith has done her homework and is a savvy vocal stylist. Big Moon is one of s best surprises!

Gibson interprets these tunes in an ultra-cool but totally unpretentious manner. George Fendel, Jazzscene Magazine. Though Faith Gibson has plenty of chops, its her attitude that drew me in. Theres a sincerity in her voice that puts the ears at ease.

Shes the jazz singer next door. Mark Saleski, www. Its tone is deep and full, massed into atomic groupings of colliding pianistic flurries. He plays with time and, like Mehldau, strikes the count in such a way as to stretch it, unleashing several handfuls of notes without rushing the music but, rather, winding it down.

His compositions, of which most of the album is made, lace intricate, classically written passages with equally complex, if more open, improvised choruses. It is intense music from the start. The ballads provide a necessary chance for the listener to catch his or her breath after the rush of such injections as Exposition, Blues Sketch in Clave and Blackjack, none of which can be held to terra firma, but finally blasts into orbit on the streak of Eldars electric keyboard.

Golas electric bass occasionally supplies some funky gasps of air, as in the breaks on Blues, but he also proves himself the equal of the leaders intensity, motoring the music, along with the never-ceasing, bone-kicking drum attack from Afonso, into more powerful gears into faster, reckless, thrillingly dangerous modes of operation. The occasional addition of sax or trumpet might serve as jet fuel or, as in Exposition, run an especially hot piece through a cooling, reedy wash till its able to be safely touched again by Eldar.

Nicholas Paytons searing trumpet solo halfway through Blackjack sounds the other. The Exorcist thumps hard, driven by Golas bass, and mixes some appropriately creepy electronica with bright, happy-feet dance rhythms and melodies that both laugh at and welcome any careless demons who might think theyre a match for this music.

Already in his early twenties a major player on the jazz scene, Eldar thrusts himself with Virtue into the first class of those creating modern music. Box, Venice, CA By Matt Marshall. Moving to the Concord label from Blue Note for his seventh release as a leader, vibraphonist Stefon Harris reteams with the Blackout ensemble from his release Evolution for another hard-hitting session.

Tenor sax and vibraphone have always been kinRecording the album just a few days before dred spirits and so are Ken Fowser and Behn Gillece President Obama was sworn into office gave the seswho prove the point again here, forcefully and confi- sion special inspiration, Harris has said, creating a dently, in a grouping of seven tunes, six of them origi- great feeling of audacity and some fantastic energy. And the record certainly has a quality of pushing the Bittersweet leads the play list, a tune by Sam limits, of taking from the past and pounding, bendJones with all the tart and sweet contrasts any one ing it into something new.

Stevie Wonseven minutes but comes in about average in running ders They Wont Go When I Go is sung through time with Fowsers Two Pair taking the marathon Casey Benjamins vocoder, rendering the lyrics more honors at over eight minutes. But Soul Eyes, is a or less unintelligible, at least in a verbal sense the gem of a tune, showcasing all the dreamy, romantic emphasis is switched to melody and stretched, fucapabilities of the tenor sax when played by someone of Fowsers talent and ability.

You get those special turistic sound. Buster Williams ballad Christina overtones all set in an obbligato context of soulful is likewise transformed with vocoder effects, while Jackie McLeans Minor March retains its oldvibes. Its this reviewers favorite among favorites. Just in Time is a third tune not composed school hardbop force fueled by postbop verve, most by the principals. This familiar Betty Camden tune notably in Harris springy vibes solo.

Another departure from Blackouts first record takes on an up-tempo, lets burn, dressing here, led by the speedy mallets of Gillece who hits everything is found in the original compositions. Whereas Harris carried those honors exclusively on Evolution, right on in clear-eyed, heart-felt precision.

Gillece has three of his original tunes here: here Cary, drummer Terreon Gully and Benjamin Crisis Averted, The Hutch, and Act of Disguise join in, composing Afterthought, Tanktified and Fowser, as mentioned, shows his composition abili- For You, respectively the last a progressive, morties with Two Pair an obvious commentary not phological standout co-written by Sameer Gupta.

Its a group Fowsers creative juices are in full flow. You cant beat the instrumentation, arrange- effort that carries over into the playing.

All are on ments, and musical abilities demonstrated here. So, equal footing here, free to experiment and take the kudos to two kindred spirits of Misters Ken and music where they see fit. Yet the tightness of a seaBehn who are deep in the zone and thankfully soned band remains, making forays into electronica, straight-ahead jazz, folk and city beats mesh as one. Some may argue that humanitys move to an urban landscape from its nomadic past was not really an advancement. But surely the urban and its collective push reign supreme over suburban sprawl and its individualistic greed.

By Matt Marshall The Heath Brothers, saxophonist Jimmy and drummer Albert Tootie, pay tribute to their own lasting legacy and physical stamina with Endurance, while nurturing the next generation of great players in pianist Jeb Patton and bassist David Wong. The first album since the death of their brother, bassist Percy, this outing finds the Heaths plowing the nutrient-rich dirt of the familys jazz acreage. Which is to say its a straight-ahead bop quartet work that doesnt stretch for theatrics or go in for pyrotechnics, but relies on the distinct musical characters of its individuals to swing melodies their own way and add a spark or unique funk that cant be faked.

Its a risky business, one that demands supreme confidence from each man. Yet its one that works throughout here. Jimmy, who composed seven of the records tunes, has a full, sparkling sound that drives many of the tracks with the power of an entire sax section, most notably on Two Tees, a number dedicated to Tootie.

On Autumn in New York, Jimmy opens fully into a deep Coleman Hawkins sax blanket, the sound enveloping the listener in rich autumnal hues with a thick, brisk bite. On Ballad From Leadership Suite, he adopts a thinner, smoky tone in the vein of Lester Young, his lines slicing painlessly through the skin to directly attack the heart. Tootie prefers to sit mainly in the supporting which, is to say, the leading roll. His drumming rarely surges to the fore, but provides the comfortable moving carpet for the others to work upon.

The midsection of the aforementioned Ballad is an excellent example of this, wherein Patton constructs an intricate structure around Wongs girders, both meshed and held at their bass by Tooties brushes. An exception is his solo, appropriately, on Two Tees. Pattons playing is consistently a joy throughout the record. Theres an immediate kick every time he enters with a solo.

He utilizes expert technical control to manipulate time in such a way as to make it tactical and full. His attack of the keys is crisp and bright. The Heath Brothers are still rolling solid. Long may they endure! By Dan Bilawsky. As Elling sings of the first song he heard and the first song that was, hints of darkness, sadness and melancholia seem to move over the music.

Fortunately, things brighten up on Sanctuary. Hobgood is flying solo on this song and a comforting, positive spirit seems to leap forth from the music. He works in little riffs, like occasional sweeping runs or a brief set of sextuplets and triplets here and there, and never gets too predictable as he works his way through this performance. Haden returns for Chickoree which he co-wrote with Hobgood.

Haden seems to play the straight man on this track and Hobgood moves around him with toying licks. Haden gets some solo space here and then Hobgood returns. The pianist seems to want to play a musical game of cat and mouse but Haden doesnt bite and keeps moving along, setting the direction and holding it all together. Stairway To The Stars is the first of three consecutive tracks that are five star performances.

Elling returns and his voice gives off a good deal of warmth here. Hobgoods masterful accompaniment helps to heighten the vocal performance and the shared history between pianist and singer takes this music to the next level. Hobgood keys in on the lyrics too, and when climb to heaven with you comes out of Ellings mouth hes right there with some floating upper register piano tinkling to match the sentiment in the words. Hoagy Carmichaels New Orleans has seen an increase in popularity over the last few years and this performance is one of the best Ive heard.

After a brief piano introduction, Haden joins Hobgood and they settle into a comfortable, strolling tempo that perfectly reflects the weather and vibe of the Crescent City. Haden is supportive to a fault when Hobgood is in charge. When the bassist takes his turn in the spotlight he delivers his most moving solo on the album. While Ive mentioned that Haden is often supportive of Hobgood, this track seems to have both men on an equal playing field, which is a difficult feat to achieve with a piano and bass duo.

Leatherwood, another solo piano performance, is a showcase for Hobgoods spirited playing, technical prowess and sharp compositional skills. The album ends with The Cost Of Living, which seduces the listener from the very beginning. The hushed sense of beauty and genuine charm in this performance is just one of many special moments on When The Heart Dances. Laurence Hobgoods name might not ring a bell for some people but if youve heard any of Kurt Ellings albums, or seen him perform live, youve heard Hobgoods piano playing before.

While the pianist has been backing Elling for well over a decade, his own music hasnt always received the attention it deserves. He has recorded several terrific trio albums, and a solo piano record, for the Naim Jazz Label. He creates some absorbing, beautiful music paired with Charlie Haden on his latest album. This album begins with a pretty rendition of Que Sera Sera. Both men allow the music to simply flow without musical excess or unnecessary technical displays getting in the way of a gorgeous performance.

After Hobgood takes a trip through the melody, Haden takes the first solo. Hobgoods solo adds a few fancier touches to the piece but things remain uncluttered from start to finish. While the core sentiment of the song remains, this intimate musical portrait is a far cry from the famous Doris Day rendition. The title track, the first of three Hobgood compositions, begins with a solo piano introduction.

Hobgood develops descending melodic motifs during the opening of the song and, once Haden joins in, a bouncy feel is established.

While the other two Elling appear- www. The arrangement of I Love Paris begins with some Spanish-tinged guitar work over, what seems to be representative of, sounds of the city.

Bits of conversation, subway noise and little percussive hints create a wonderful sound stew as Lamberts voice takes to the air. Lamberts vocals on the opening track resemble a hushed Michael Bubl, with ever so slight hints of John Pizzarelli and the charm and sophistication is By Dan Bilawsky his delivery is apparent from the very first words.

The While Mark Lamberts Under My Skin is a song moves back and forth from a Middle Eastern standards-based album with lots of familiar material, inspired section to a bluesy swing feel. Pianist Vana the arrangements on this record, the excitement and Gierig is captivating during his solo and Lamberts guitar solo, almost sitar-like at times, is terrific as he class in the performances and Lamberts obvious enworks over the Moroccan-influenced section of muthusiasm for music making will make some of these sic at the end of this piece.

Lamberts repetitive guitar songs sound as fresh as if they were written today. While this piece has a Bossa Nova-like Latin feel to it, it isnt your typical paint-by-numbers Bossa. The piano and guitar work, in addition to the subtle orchestrations behind it all, make it unique and Lamberts guitar takes on a harplike quality during his solo here. Gierigs solo fits into the Brazilian stylistic mold and Lamberts relaxed vocals are terrific. A simple, repetitious rhythmic pattern sets things up on In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning and Gierigs single note lines during his solo are the highlight on this one.

Sunshine Of Your Love, the Cream classic, receives its most unique and jazzy interpretation to date here.

Brazilian music is, again, part of the package here and the chorus moves into a slow, raunchy swing feel.

My hopes rise & fall as a distant college looms before me-- And what will Mother do? is the only pause. Aug. 12"-- ++ I have not knowingly touched terra firma today. I have moved in one most joyous dream of Michigan University, until the year I have so much dreaded seems only as door. Aug. 30"-- .

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  1. SUNY New Paltz is one of the more selective colleges in the State University of New York system. The college has a predominately undergraduate focus, and many of the most popular majors are in preprofessional fields -- business, communications, journalism and education. However, the arts, social sciences and humanities are all strong.
  2. Virginia Military Institute - Bomb Yearbook (Lexington, VA), Class of , Cover | dakrmo.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo has the largest online yearbook collection of college, university, high school, middle school, junior high school, military, naval cruise books and yearbooks. Search and browse yearbooks online!
  3. This years series continues with A Tribute to Count Basie at 7 p.m. Monday. Some of his orchestras notable songs included One OClock Jump and Jumpin at the Woodside. The voice Kingsway Elementary School Choir, under the direction of John Jordan, will join in this concert, singing the Armed Forces Medley, accompanied by the band.
  4. Ive been with the band since straight, said lead trombonist and North Texas alum George Reinert. A great career. Right in front of him sits first tenor Cody Leavel, 22, who has all of 10 days behind him now. Im in Tex Benekes old spot, he says. Hes one of my favorite players. Turnover is heavy.5/5(1).
  5. Ariz, was the Southern Alberta ranch country. calf-rnping title dakrmo.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo to Fiord aca cowpuncher of the annual won four first awards, one second Peters, of Cardston. Alt* Oordon Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, and a third Dubray. of Browning, winning the North American chamPatched up at a field first aid W the fun in Snapshots.
  6. atlanta animal rescue based on the highly anticipated film directed by Ron Howard and Dan Brown's critically acclaimed, best selling novel. Audrey Tautou and Tom Hanks. links jessica hsuan video run through the Louvre (and toward a body) in "The Da Vinci Code," directed by Ron Howard and based on Dan Brown's best-selling. The Da Vinci Code.
  7. When we moved in 34 years ago, our house was the rst built in the Plantation subdivision. With a neighborhood pond on two sides, it is not surprising that when we visited the site during construction, a foot alligator was usually resting in the driveway. With a beagle and a black lab ready to move in with us, a fence seemed prudent.
  8. One O'Clock Standard Time: Remembering Gene Hall | Easy to Love, Long Ago, Nice Work, What's New, A Fine Romance, My Foolish Heart, Dearly Beloved, The Way You Look, Lead On, O King Eternal, I Could Write a Book, All of Me, Out of Nowhere, Take the "A" TrainPhone: ()
  9. Lyle Edward "Buck" Beatty Sr., 73, of Front Royal, died Sunday, March 26, , in Heritage Hall Health Care Center, Front Royal. Mr. Beatty was born April 28, , in Flint Hill, the son of Samuel and Laura North Beatty. He was retired from Avtex Fibers as a press operator. He .

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