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I cut my wrists with your bad thoughts - Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks - Studios and Airplanes

Having nailed the floor boards across, 'proceed to take the framework of the caravan for gluing. It is wise to number the parts so as not to get them mixed. Thickness Floor Frame. Sides — Posts A.. Verticals B, C. Verticals B. Bocrds F. Cross Rails. Ends — Rails G. Ditto 2 3ft. Ditto 2 2ft. Diagonals 2 3ft. Rafters 3 Sft. Central Roof Strip 1 10ft. Flooring — lin. Door and window frames — lin. Lining strips and draught strips — fin.

Weather strip, lin. Beading — lin. At points M, N, O, P, screw 6in. Diagonal braces should also be nailed in where shown. Across where indicated in Fig. In the centre of these rafters, and also rails G and H, cut a fin.

Plywood Roof This is necessary, as the plywood to be used for the roof covering is not usually obtainable wide enough to go across in one piece.

Two pieces are therefore necessary, butting together over the central strip, which, by the way, is best of oak or ash. It is screwed in the grooves in rails and rafters as in Fig. If care has been taken in the work of jointing, the framework should all be square now, and reasonably firm and rigid. Cover the sides and ends with plywood, glued and pinned with panel pins, and cut out the win- dow openings.

Where joining is necessary, let the ends of the sheets butt together over the cross rails. Cover the cut ends of the plywood sides with a moulding, and run a moulding all round at the bottom, as in Fig.

It Is light, sturdy ' and of, a, size convenient to most gardens. Tile Bodywork, ' To make the body, shape the ends and bottom to size as given at Fig. The sides are shaped as shown in the side elevation at Fig. You will need to ask someone to hold the sides and ends temporarily together on the floor while you pencil the approximate angles reqmred to be planed on the edges of the sides. The work, of course, must be held as square as possible. Having bevelled the side edges, nail them between the ends to measure loins.

This means that the sides are kept ill some distance from the edges of the ends see dotted lines at Fig. The bottom consists of two 9m, wide boards which can be dowelled or rub- joined or tongue and grooved together. The edges and ends of same can remain square or be bevelled in conjunction with the body. Only do this when it is glued and nailed in position.

Attaching the Shafts Shape the shafts to size and round the hatirljp ends with a spokeshave slightly. They axe glued and screwed flush with the edges of the bottom to project about pins, at the front. Use 2jiii. Bevel to take the angle of saiiic mid note from the sketch that they are c! Fitting the Legs The legs are affixed with glue ami roiiiidliead screws or thin carriage bolts. You will req'iiire six wing blocks. When cutting to shape, liave the grain miming the length as in tlie illustration.

Secure to both sides of legs with glue aiid suitable roundhead screws. Shaped wings are cut out of li'n. Making the Wheel To make the wheel,. Attach the ,'felloevS together with glue and single flathead ipn.

Glue the spokes into tlieir mortises see Fig. A fin. To get the hole true and. The 'Wheel Hoop As stated, a piece of iron or mild steel bar lin. The ends are half-lapped about lin. A large twist drill will countersink the screw holes. Axle pin blocks bins, by' cMs. The wheel could be painted bladr, whilst the inside of the body is usually a brick-red colour. Z body sides f 30im. Sins, by Mn. X felloe piece, ISins. A copy of the previous three Hobbies with the pictures are still obtainable for 3d.

Names and addresses must he clearly '. Oversea entrants have a special closing date, this being June 30th, Any eiitries received after those dates will be dis- qualified. Puzzles bearing alteration, mutilation or with more than one letter in the space of each provided will count as errors. The First Prize will be aw'arded to tlie entrant having the most correct answers. Allowance cannot be made for efforts lost or delayed in tlie post or otherwise nor can proof of posting be taken as proof of delivery.

One oftew souprisss us. I hereby agree to abide by the FMleii imd Conditions as set out. A Picture Hangittg Tip. H ere I enclose a tip for when pictures, especially small ones, hang crookedly. You need only a piece of glasspaper and about two tin-tacks. Tack the piece of paper to the lower edge of the frame at the back lower edge see sketch and when you hang it up it will not slip.

Cleaning Woodwork W HEN your woodwork has had marks on it, they can easily be reinoved by scrubbing with a sarubbing brush and a little powdered eggshell. Use an ordinary bottle cork the size, of course, depends upon the gaUeon , wet the blade of your knife and round off the cork at the thickest end.

Smooth it up with fine glasspaper and paint it yellow with black lines for iron bars. In the morning place bn top of a piece of paper in the grate, cover cinder with small lumps of coal and light the paper, and the coal willlight without any difficulty. After painting the decorations, dry them and varnish over with clear varnish.

Clear varnish is very serviceable and very much resembles clotli sails. Modelling Paste I HAVE no doubt that everyone has at one time or another wished for a modelling paste which sets hard like stone. Make a paste of rice flour and water, and after kneading it well, put it in a saucepan over a slow fire. Have just enough water to prevent it burning, and simmer for at least an hour. Models made with this material will set hard if left in a cool place.

With vinegar it makes a putty like pnstc, which will not harden for aboiii: half an hour, and, therefore, can be easily smoothed. If mixed with water it sets at once. Obtain two small pieces of rubber or balls and make a small hole in them.

Now put one on each side of the sawblade next to the frame as in sketch. This will prevent damage to the wood while sawing. One clamp is used on it;-. Then, place the picture on the glass, and siewly slide the paper away, het the picture dry, and it can be used. If you are going hiking, then there are some useful hints. If you are going car availing this summer, now is the time to vSet to work on making the one shown on page If you enjoy stinks then be sure to read the ne'w series of interesting chemistry articles.

Ihill details are given when and where to send your entry, and I feel sure the novelty of the picture clues are going to bring in a big number. Don't be afraid of it — I want everyone to have a shot and send their entry along.

The first of the new series appears next week although, of course, there have already been several interesting articles previously. Of these, ten could not be allowed, but even so it was the greatest number sent in. The winner was Robt. Bissett of Hodgin Park Crescent, Newcastle The words in the list may interest you.

The former had entries, but the latter was a stupendous success with no fewer than 1, exhibits. These covered a wide range of subjects, with a record number of entries — — in the commiuiity section. I shall be" much interested to hear, be- cause a very large imiii- ber of Blue Prints were sent out —.

Certifi- cates of Merit were awarded to prizewinners and the judges undoubt- edly had a terrific job in sorting the entries. Model Engineers was also held a little time ago, when models worth hun- dreds of pounds and re- presenting hours of pati- ence were no view. A unique exhibit here was a model of Ripon Cathedral made from thousands of matches. Then write Secy. Established Steel, Bingley. Send poems to Columbian Music Publishers, Ltd. Ask for apppsvai-; Box , loliannesbiirg, South Af:ric;;i.

Petrol Motor, Mstingri 9! Cotiper, 41 C. Eight ' 'r-'. Realistic Traffic Lights. With battery. Petrol Pumps oi Esso or. Lights lamp when pumped. Complete with battery in- side. Lamp which lights. Complete with battery inside. Post 4d. If you are making a DolVs House why not get the set of bathroom fittings in polished alwninium. Uini iitLr. Rainier, Mt. Zion, and Gt. Smoky Mountain respectively. Later we will devote space to other moun- tains' — those of Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

You will find' excellent views of tills mountam on t. Pa'ss from Nortli America into in the island of Hondo. This volcano is beautifully shaped, as Js seen from the illus- tration which is one of the four views of Mt.

They make up the set of The Fuji-Hakoni National Parks issue. It is also shown on the stamp of Man- churia. This was issued to com- memorate the visit of Emperor Kangteh to Japan. Considering the volcanic chain of East Asia it is rather surprising that we do not find more examples of mountain scenery. North Borneo gives us Mount Kinibalu on the twelve cents of the issue.

This mountam is just higher than Mt. Fuji being 13, ft. The Philippine Islands show us the Mayon Volcano on the 2c, of the set. The 32 c. Rice terraces, Australia has not got a single mountain on its stamps. But one of the commonest of the Tas- manian scenic set of the Id.

The pictorial issue' of uses a view of Mount Cook for the design of the 2- d. Seven- teen mountains are over 10, ft. Mount Cook is 12, Ruapehu and Mount Egmont are both below 10, ft. The highest mountain in the world does not figure on the stamps of India. In fact only on the stamps of the state Nepal the state at the bottom of the Hima- layas do we see any mountains at all. Actually these are only what one might term representations of mountains, Ceylon is the only other region near India showing a named mountain and this gives AdanTs Peak and the height 7, ft.

The most interesting Asiatic mountain found on stamps comes on the and issues of Armenia— the and 25, r. They give views of Mount Ararat, and naturally one thinks of the Ark in connection with this mountam. For it was here in 2, B. Then verify your guess' by looking'' 'it, up.

Mok of you will Iiave a shock. Anyway, your stamp rnountain- ecring will lead us to Japan to Mount. Mount Eamsiaw on the 2 Jd. It had to cany over four million lbs. Africa contributes at least three very famous mountains. The first is Table Mountala on the lower half of the one penny of the value. When we have a view on just half a stamp we are rather likely to forget that the small view is probably as authen- tic as if it occupied the whole of the stamp size.

Mount Kilimanjaro on the 15 c. There are two peaks, one 16, ft. Mount Kenya is shmvn on the 65 c. The only European volcano on a stamp is Heckla which is shown on the stamps of Iceland the 1 kr. Another Danish or rather Icelandic mountain is SnacfellsjouL:]! W'e have ikj! No Mitres to Cut No.

Tray Lifts. You need a pair of these Lifts to every Tray. In copper- oxidized finish to match the Corners C o m p 1 e te with screws. Price 7d. In Oak. Price 2d. Post- age extra. Oak Venosta sisfe 20 by uins. Postage bd. We have cheaper birch plywood, too. Write for list. Clearly finished birch dowels good enough for any job and big value at the prices quoted. Per J-ft, 'length Id. M 2ld. Postage extra. Instead, you merely fit the moulding into the specia'l Corners pro- vided.

Try it NOW! Below are the addresses where Hobbies goods can be purchased. In addition, a! Mercer, 68 Darwen Street ; ' Bradford. Driver, 28 Hills Road; Canterbury. D, Goodman, 38 Burgate Street and 16 St.

McQuillan, 36 Capel Street; Dundee. Prank Berry, 3 Loseby Lane; Liverpool. Lucas, 17 Houghton" Street; London. Osman, Aldcrsg;it? C, ; Newport, Mon.

Sargent, 44 West Street ; Swansea. If enclosed with orders or other matter for Hobbies Ltd. Any matter requiring an answer must have 'a stamped addressed envelope enclosed. The presentation Design Sheet is given only with cusrent copies of Hobbies Weekly, and not with back numbers. An Index for any volume is obtainable for 4id. Back copies are obtainable from the Editorial address given above or from the Publisher, price 2d.

The Editor is always pleased to consider suitable articles for these pages, which, if accepted, will be paid for at the usual rates. Hobbies will be forwarded by post to any part of the world at the following prepaid rates. It gives you all you need to make a start, and of course, each tool is of Hobbies guaran- teed quality. Hand- Frame with a dozen spare saiwbiades, a drill with two bits, hammer, steel cutting table and cramp, a rule, brush, and design and ' wood.

Valuable and practi- cal gifts will be made according to the value of goods you buy. This special offer applies only to overseas customers who are allowed to send in orders up to July 30th, Registered for Transmission by Canadian Magaanne Post.

CLOC] No. Bedroom Clock Design. Special Large design sheet. Mouldings, etc,, wi t fa 8-da y movement and other fittings. Walnut awf r. Send for the nearest address. It is a mirror frame, but instead of the ordinary fiat piece of glass the one supplied has a convex surface wMch makes it more of a novelty and certainly more striking. Moreover, tlic pattern. Indeed, the only real amount of work to be undertaken is in the back itself where we have a design which is incorporating to a certain extent the Japanese style.

The Right Way By the way, tins article appears as though it can be hung either way up, but actually you must notice that it is used the way shown on the sheet. The narrowest point is at the bottom in order that the side oniaments may hang down from the scrollwork just above the mirror, Altliougli the actual back is just over i2ins.

There will only be one or two instances where the saw cannot get direct to the cutting, but ev'en then it is possible tO' turn the work round and do the small frets from the other end.

Such a piece of work as this is made to hang on a wall in a hall or dining ' room, and as sticli, some care should be taken in the wood selected, for its use. In the parcel supplied we have ' wMtewood and mahog- any in order to get a pleasing result. The mahogany is used for the first overlay, above it in, turn comes another rim of wliitewood to make the whole.

We would strongly recommend, therefore, the purchase of the special parcel of wood provided by Hobbies. In addition there is the convex glass wliicli is also supplied ready to fit.

Apply the paste to the wood, then lay the paper down carefully on to it. In the case of the large back pattern it is a good plan to roll this round a ruler then to unroll it off on to the wood. Have a dean piece of cloth to pat the paper down on to the wood, rubbing it gently from the centre to- wards the outer edge.

Or, of course, you may rip the paper off altogether and tear part of the design off. That only creates the trouble of re- laying the whole thing. By the time all three patterns are pasted down, the first will probably be dry enough to start work upon. The Grade of Fretsaw Use a medium grade fretsaw No.

Keep the tension on the saw as much as possible, and hold the wood firmly dovm to the cutting table with the fingers close to the sawblade. If one is firm with it, however, and holds it dowm, this can be avoided. The trouble of this jumping is also sometimes due to too great a haste with the cutting.

The sawblade is forced fonvard too much and digs into the wood where it becomes stuck. An Even Stroke A continuous even up and down motion should be maintained without too much pressure being put on to the sawblade to carry it forward. It is not a case of forci ig the saw through the wood to cut as far as possible in the shortest time.

This is the cause of tired wrists as well as broken sawblades. Before you commence work, too, look over the design and choose the most suitable positions for the drill. This can save a good deal of un- necessary labour if they are put in suitable places. Then again, when you cut out a fret on one side of the half way line, it is a good plan to cut the other similar fret on the other vSide immediately. Because, having done one, you will probably have learned an easier way round or more suitable position for the drill point.

Cutting Hints Moreover, havmg cut one, keep your eye on that occasionally when you are cutting the second and similar shape.

If then the saw has run off slightly in the firstone, and does not spoil the actual design, you can make the same altera- tion in the second piece in order to get a correct balance. It will be noticed that there is no central hole cut in the back to take the mirror, thus the backboard is a comparatively solid piece.

Examination of Parts do over the piece carefiilh' to sco? If so. A cut-away view showing position of mch part and mirror It is alway. A gooc,l : l;:in is to lay t,he gh'iss itself ,iii position a,n;d ieiwil round i. Austrian Stamps. Cliamfering the Overlay Finally yon have the top overlay cut from -l-m.

It is a good plan to lb. You thus have a larger board to handle and so reduce the likelihood of damage. Clean the whole pail up thoroughly, place the mirror in position, then glue this overlay on.

If the mirror is not held close to the back of the overlay, put a piece of card or several thicknesses of paper behind the glass to bring it forward. This must be tested out before the overlay is finally glued on. Postage on fittings 3d.

Not half we do 1. And it will at the same time provide an interesting piece of work that even the beginner at fretwork may tackle with confidence. As will l e seen by the sketch, it coni bines a toast rack with a holder for both marmalade and butter dishes.

Requirements Two x ieces of plywood, of pn. One for the base niea. Then the only other requireineiits are four little turned feet Hobbies No. I sho'ws how the base and the handle are marked out. There are insertions in the base for the handle, the pieces of dowelling that make up tlie rack, the two dishes, and the four turned feet. When all cutting has been completed, glasspaper the two parts up. Take care" to cut all the 20 dowels to jiivSt the same length.

The surest way, and one wiiich all carpenters adopt for repetition work, is first to cut a gauge that is. When cut, round these dowels off at the top, with several grades of glasspaper, to give them a more finished appearance.

Assembling the Parts First glue the handle into the base, testing it with a square to ensure it drying in a dead upright position. Then glue in the toast-rack dowels, testing these in the same way, and finally add the four little feet. Stain and varnish, or varnish alone, will look quite well. Or alternatively a coat of Hobbies' Fbonizing Solution will convert the work into a really handsome piece of table ware.

Also required: Four No. The stand construction is easily understood from the two diagrams Figs, i and 2. Two rails are cut from lin, thick stuff ifins. The centres are set out and the halving notches marked out Jin. Then the tenons are prepared and marked back lin.

The small diagram in Fig, 2 show's one tenon cut ready for assembly, Fit and fix the top shown at Fig. The Feet , by loiiis. The moulding extemhs the whole 'height of tlie sides viz. The feet for the stand are made to the outline in Tig. The outline for the handles for the box are also included in this diagram, so both can be made from the one ruled-up squared outline. The squares shown are Jin. Bach foot is yins. After the feet have been cut to outline, the mortises must be cut in liti.

Care must be exercised if ordinary deal is used for the feet and rails, as any undue forcing of the tenons into the mortises will be bound to split them.

The fioor, or top square of the stand, should have holes bored to allow air and drainage. Lead two thick copper wires into a basin of water acidulated with sulphuric acid. Over the upturned end of each, invert a test tube full of water see Fig. Pass a current from an ac- cumulator through the wires.

Bubbles of gas will rise and fill the tubes and you will see that one tube is full when the other is only half full. On testing the gases it will be found that the full tube contains hydrogen and the other oxygen. Try this experiment with copper sulphate.

The blue crystals will crumble to a white powder and the water wiiich has been driven Fig, t -Sectional diagram of water experiment apparatus oh wdll condense on the cool upper portions of the tube.

Allow the wiiite powder to cool and add a few drops of water. The substance will absorb the water very rapidly, giving off a large amount of heat and forming the familiar blue crystals. Supet'-cooled Solutions Some crystals contain so much water of crystal- lization that it will dissolve the solid portion of the crystal.

Allow the solution to cool, If left undisturbed it will remain liquid and in this state is known as a super-cooled solution.

If a tiny" crystal of the sodium thiosulphate is dropped into the liquid it will mmiediately solidify to a dry mass of crystals. Chemical Changes When a substance reacts cliemically with another substance it is said to midergo a clieinical diange. The following are interesting examples of chcn.

On mixing the solutions a yellow precipitate will be formed. This substance is known as chrome yellow and is used as a pigment for paints. Another experiment is conducted in the follow- ing way. Mix very carefully som e small quantities of pow"dered sulphur and potassium chlorate.

Wrap the mixture in pieces of tissue paper to pellets of about the size of a small pea. Place one of the pellets on a stone or rnetal. The mixture will explode with an exceedingly loud report. A Chemical Garden Now dissolve some waterglass in about its owm volume of water and pour the solution into a jar. Drop into the jar crystals of every salt you possess and leave it undisturbed for a day or two.

Curious tree-like growths of various. This effect is u. Make sure that the chemicals are finely powdered before mixing. Prepare some touch- paper by soaking tissue paper in a concentrated solution of potassium nitrate and drying it thoroughly. Fill the trough with the mixture and at one end stick in a piece of touchpaper. Fold up the paper into a flat tube and close the end which does not contain the touchpaper.

Common Mineral Acids Many substances, commonly known as acids, have been known' from very early times. There are three. S-aiphuric acid is a heavy, colourless, oily liquid which has a strong affinity for water and a highly corrosive action on most substances. Carefully add a few drops of sulphuric acid to a test tube of water and shake well. Pour a few drops of the blue litmus solution into the dilute acid. A red solution will be obtained.

This colour change is used as a test for acids for any substance which changes colour on coming into contact with a liquid is known as an indicator. Another experiment is to add some sulphuric acid to a little sugar in a test tube. A violent reaction will take place and blade masses of carbon ydll be formed. Sugar is a compound of carbon, together with hydrogen and oxygen in the same proportiotis as in water.

Sulphuric ticid lias vSudi a :x3we,rfi. It is because vd rhd rdfiiiity tliat add chars most of the organic siil: stances witii which it comes into contact. Place in a stand. To me, the name Mingo conjures up images of the evil despot in the Flash Gordon comics, Mingo the Merciless, of the planet Mongo.

In a way, this is an appropriate image, for the dark ambient music of The Once and Future World is merciless in its deep, resonant textures. It's as if one were immersed in the large, lonely chambers of a subterranean cave, the stalactites and stalagmites providing the only physical substance. The electronic timbres are carried on currents of wind, reverberating off chamber walls, surrounding and consuming the listener. The term "goth" has been applied to Mingo's music, and I believe it fits.

Minor keys, ponderous tones, crushing atmospheres and swirling darkness combine to create cathedral effects in music. This is heavy-duty ambient listening, and should be taken in moderate doses. Studios and Airplanes. Visit BCOM's website. Visit Soundclick's website. Her sense of environment, the way that she weaves disparate threads of sound and noise into a beautifully cohesive tapestry, the way that she's able to put so much emotion and feeling into electronic music, it's all combined to make me realize how very much I enjoy her work.

With the release of her latest disc "Studios and Airplanes", Anne proves her mastery of the medium once again and validates my feelings that she's one of the premier electronic artists working today. You can't help but feel completely surrounded by what's happening, can't help but feel that you exist only within the space that Anne has made.

But as with messages in bottles, words get washed away and blurred, pleas get lost and confused, and in the end all that's left is a beautiful stained piece of paper that holds mysteries and secrets and whispers that you'll never hear. Permalink Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Branch: master. Find file Copy path.

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  5. "I Cut My Wrists With Your Bad Thoughts" opens the disc with a series of looping field recordings where cityscape sounds come together to create a living, breathing, screaming immersive environment. You can't help but feel completely surrounded by what's happening, can't help but feel that you exist only within the space that Anne has made.
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