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Gosto De Você - Carlos Lyra - Best Selection From 1959 To 1963

Amor, Dez This album was supposed to be one of the greatest zecalouro's mother findings ever. Let's say it still her great finding, but there is a major and unacceptable failure with this album.

The vinyl played perfect on side A, however, side B is exactly the same as side A. Columbia made both sides as A by mistake. Such like the missing Joao Gilberto track, I'm now asking for Loronixers help to find the missing side B of this fantastic album. Let's see, half of it. This is Matematica, zero Amor, Dez Unfortunately, only side A is available. A friend that left his nick with a nice comment sent this album. However, he did not leave and email and I don't know if he wants to be identified with the alias he uses.

He sent a really nice contribution, the third on the new FLAC format, featuring a very important artist that never had a chance to be introduced to our community, the Brazilian pianist Arthur Moreira Lima. Thanks to the now revealed AdHoc for this info. Arthur Moreira Lima is worldwide acclaimed as one of the best Frederic Chopin interpreters, being also a successful popular music artist. It is hard to write this in English, Arthur Moreira Lima is the kind of guy that everybody would like to meet in the end of the day at Copacanana to drink some beers, a very cool character and also one of the most renowned tricolores friends who support Fluminense Football Club, a soccer team in Rio de Janeiro.

I urge Loronixers to send feedback on this anthological record where once again classical music meets popular music. Cristina Buarque - Cristina I'm glad to find it on a very good condition in the beginning of this week, and I'm amazed with this album and with the delicate voice and Cristina Buarque interpretation. Cristina Buarque delivers a very solid album, above the average for a debut LP. Cristina performs a repertoire of Sambas with some beautiful forgotten selections from Samba legends from the past, such like Noel Rosa and Lupscinio Rodrigues, along with Samba composers from the 70's, with highlights to Dona Ivone Lara, Paulinho da Viola, Nelson Cavaquinho and others.

Cesar Camargo Mariano delivers arrangements and piano playing and some tracks and Cristina Buarque as the accompaniment of a constellation of Brazilian musicians, such as Cartola playing violao on track 02 - Ao Amanhecer.

Inside the music, you will find detailed information on each song composers and musicians. Update: I was loosing my hope to have this album with the four tracks; I'm always underestimating the strength of our community. A Loronixer sent this album to us in the end of and did not identify himself.

I decided today to do not wait anymore and I'm asking the help of our community to find this missing track and complete this little record. This is the reason why download is been provided as a direct link, no Rapidshare.

While friends are searching for the missing track, it is a good idea to listen to Joao Gilberto performing the three ones available. Os Romanticos - Bossa Nova. I think we are entering on a phase where everybody is excited to know not credited artists behind Bossa Nova albums.

Rosa Passos : Romance. This is the 14th album by a singer today much acclaimed in the USA and in Europe after a lightning speed career! The pianist and the reedman have worked together several times in the past with various projects; here's a new one, dedicated to the timeless and universal compositions of Noel Rosa , who would have been years in had he lived that long.

Jorge Pescara : Grooves in the Temple. Leila Pinheiro : Raiz. The new album by the singer is an ambitious and challenging project, centered around a musical search related to the huge Amazonia forest.

Jeanne Dielman JD Featuring Powell's expertly accomplished acoustic guitar playing, along with an all-star cast of backing musicians, this is an essential title for any fan of Brazilian music. Very rare bossa nova album.

Which year it is exactly from, we don't know! Should be late 60's I'd say. The album seems to have been released only in Mexico. Mini-LP replica. One more time reissued by EMI, this album from 67 was featuring a very young Airto Moreira and was one among the first in the great Hermeto Pascoal's discography.

Elis Regina : Um Dia. Warner Brasil. A joint release on a 2 CD, for the first time gathering all Elis' performances on her busy afternoon and evening in Montreux on July 20th And here is the extra afternoon concert she didn't know of before her arrival, the evening concert and the late set with Hermeto Pascoal.

A great day in the history of music! Maria Rita : Elo. New album by Elis' daughter her fourth , recorded in studio in Rio. Obscure albums by Brazilian singer Rozana, only released in Mexico, the first mentioned being from , I think. Bossa Nova. GSP Records. Going beyond the traditional accompaniment, the guitar parts are so intricate, they could stand alone as complete compositions!

They help making this album a true duet of pure voice and guitar Monica Salmaso : Alma Lirica. New trio album by one of the most beautiful voices of Brasil. With her are two big shoes who certainly contribute to lift the music: pianist and arranger Nelson Ayres and multi-reed player Teco Cardoso , here on flute. Classical influenced and generating some magical moments!

Sonido 5 : En Vivo. Zave ZV Obscure bossa-nova album by another fine Mexican combo. Recorded live, great performing! Very nice cover artwork, fine reissue in mini-lp replica and with insert. Hamleto Stamato Trio : Speed Samba 4.

Yes, already 4th opus from this trio led by guitarist Hamleto Stamato. It features among other singer and guitarist Sergio Bastos.

Looks like being Brazilian guys living in Mexico, this is a brilliant bossa-nova combo who released this rare album in Mexico in , featuring cover of Jorge Ben Pais tropical, Zazueira , Milton Nascimento Veracruz and others. Very nice album! It was in that the legendary Argentinean producer Alfredo Radoszynski discovered Maria Nazareth and Arnaldo Henriques during a party that Sebastiao Tapajos had organized in his home city of Rio de Janeiro.

Impressed by the swing and sophistication of these two young Brazilian artists, he invited them to Buenos Aires, along with Sebastiao Tapajos, to record TAP, which would, during the following thirty years, become one on the most sought after Bossa records - a status that owed just as much to its artistic exclusive Argentinean pressing. Universal for good. Tibless : Afro Beat Ado. Another chapter dedicated to music from movies.

With a direct inspiration of master Hermeto Pascoal Marques has been his keyboard player! Tunai : Tunai Eternamente. October The repertoire is mainly based on hits from the 30 last years and opens the way to many singing duos with several guests.

Originally released in , this album is one of the most significant in Brazilian musical history, spearheading the musical Tropicalia revolution lead by Brazilian legends Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil , not to mention Gal Costa and mutant rockers Os Mutantes.

Not only were the artists experimenting with the music, they were also making a very strong political statement that spoke out very harshly against the military regime in Brazil at the time.

This album helped land Veloso and Gil a brief stint in jail and eventually in political exile in the UK. Nana Vasconcelos "Fragments" is not especially a new thing but the label Tzadik released it at a time where it was only available in Brasil as "Fragmentos".

This record shows clearly the original talent of Nana the composer. His voice s and percussion s are accompanied by Cyro Baptista and Egberto Gismonti. Strongly recommended! The music is instrumental and strongly rooted at the confluence of the three main musical forces that coexist in Brazil today : African, European and Native Indian.

Newly remastered, Stereo, bit digitally remastered digipack. June With dozens of phony, unmusical albums of Brazilian jazz and pop music inundating American record shops since bossa nova happily emerged from Brazil in mid, Walter Wanderley's swinging style at the Hammond console epitomized the finest in authentic Brazilian entertainment.

Altrisuoni AS This young trio will bring you to high levels of pleasure. With persisting distorded electric keyboards in front, backed by a continually pushing electric rhythm section, you'll be fixed to your chair with a high NRG music full of sweat and heat, melting the Brazilian musical traditions and repertoire into a smokin' pot, forging in front of you an authentic new form of extremely lively samba jazz Zimbo Trio. A boxset of 6 CDs is released by Discobertas and reissues the 6 first albums made by the trio for the defunct label RGE between 64 and Remastered from the original stereo sources with the authorization of the band and reproducing the original covers, here's a possibility of rediscovering the music of pianist Amilton Godoy and his successful trio.

Zimbo Trio : Zimbo Trio Autoral. August Recorded during the Sesc Jazz Festival, here's a new album by the bass player and his group. Inspired by the musical universe of Northeastern Brazil, with emphasis on xotes and sorrel, initial musical passions of Gil, this new album also features a great deal of performing guests, among other Alcione, Gal Costa. Saladesom Records SLD A lovely mature and greatly enjoyable work! Ivan Lins : Intimo.

Som Livre The release seems to be delayed to July Mahtrak : Panorama. They play a brand of jazz-rock full of references from the 70's and shades of prog, while listing Mahavishnu Orchestra, Caravan, Soft Machine, Jeff Beck, Return to Forever and Weather Report as huge influences.

On this debut CD recorded in , they explore the analog sounds of Hammond organ, Mellotron and Fender Rhodes pianos with astonishing results. First solo project by the young pianist, former member of Hermeto 's group. Marques is a raising star and an important name on the Brazilian scene he is among other also part of the trio Curupira ; this album reveals his many qualities.

Bugre Records 7 Aimed at club audiences, the album contains some radical rethinking of Mendes tunes. Biscoito Fino BF Quitanda QUI New album of religious songs and poems. This is the first album in 7 years that include new songs!

DJ Dolores : 1 Real. Rob Digital. The jazz singer and the guitarist revisit the great American Songbook, in homage to the queen Ella! Launched under the new artist name of Joyce Moreno her husband is drummer Tutty Moreno , here's a new album of love songs, written by qualified names such as Johnny Alf, Chico Buarque, Marcos Valle, etc The pianist, composer and arranger comes here with music produced for the Movies.

And the soloists invited to contribute are no less than either legendary players like Wagner Tiso or celebrities like guitarist Ricardo Silveira , saxophonist Nivaldo Ornelas! Marques is saxophonist, flutist, composer and arranger. In this album engraved between and , he musically transits through various rhythms and atmospheres. One of the best exponents of the instrumental Brazilian music, the late trumpetist Marcio Montarroyos was both an exceptional improviser with a much personal style and a fine technique but also a person with a great musical sensibility; this is a record made in the last years of his too short life!

Paulo Moura E Armandinho : Afrobossanova. The idea behind this album is to interpret songs written by bossa nova's father A.

Jobim with instruments of traditional samba like the pandeiro, cuica and berimbau or other instruments of African origin. A magic duo to re discover! Unpublished live recordings from ! Elis Regina : Elis Canta Edu. One of the biggest representatives of the MPB sings songs by one of the greatest Brazilian composers. That's the essence and bottom line of this remastered album! Simone : Na Veia. New album by the singer with a repertoire including new own compositions as well as new songs from Adriana Calcanhotto, Erasmo Carlos, Gonzaguinha and Marina.

There is also a new version of the popular hit "Deixa Eu Te Amar". A true wind of fresh air! Spring Imports Spring Bruna Caram : Feriado Pessoal. This is the 2nd album of this young artist, considered as one of the promising raising stars. Som Livre. March Concert recording with the famous Metropole Orchestra.

Fernanda Porto : Auto-Retrato. Jovino Santos : Alma Do Nordeste. Adventure Music AM This release will certainly please all lovers of jazz, Brazilian and Latin music. In this concert at the Caramoor Jazz Festival, Katonah, New York on July 28, , magical moments were captured in the musical exchanges between Hermeto's pianist and Weber Iago also pianist.

The hand crafted Fazioli pianos which they played sounded as if the notes were always meant to paint songs into sonic canvases. And there was that ultimate moment of absolute magic when Joe Lovano joined them on stage to bring the great Brazilian master Antonio Carlos Jobim back to life with a stirring rendition of "Wave".

Mauro Senise : Lua Cheia. A double goal is to be found behind this project. First, the legendary Brazilian saxophonist and flutist wanted to interpret with his quartet the music of Sueli Costa.

Secondly he wanted to pay homage to the music of Dolores Duran. Having both of them on one CD was the biggest possible tribute to those two main women and composers Cuca Teixeira, Thiago E. The word Amicizia means friendship, in Italian.

And that friendship is what the duo celebrates through the eleven tracks of this 8VB debut album. Amicizia has also special guests performing on piano, drums and saxophones. This is the first solo album by this carioca singer who chose to interpret and arrange songs by another great arranger, Moacir Santos , also playing on the album. Almost every disc has some bonus tracks, and then the final 2-CD set is entirely comprised of — you guessed it!

In some cases this means we get versions of the same song in Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian but who cares. Tamba Trio sounds fantastic, as usual, and the two cuts they have to themselves here are nice and long showcases.

Nara is a bit uneven, unfortunately. Her imperfect intonation was always part of her charm, but in this live setting — inside a large auditorium-style theater and no stage monitors being — her pitch is more off than usual. She sounds excellent singing with Edu Lobo on Aleluia, though.

The liner notes thank Aloysio de Oliveira the man behind Elenco for loaning him out for this recording. Subscribe in a reader. Dolores Duran , not only had an unforgettable voice but also composed a lot of her best material. A central figure in the early bossa nova scene, she succumbed to the occupational hazards of the bohemian lifestyle, dying in her sleep from a heart attack at 29 years old after an evening of music, drinking, and barbiturates.

Her lamentably short career left an solid recorded legacy but, having left this world so young, she is less celebrated outside Brazil than some of her bossa nova contemporaries who lived long enough to benefit from the global infatuation with the genre.

Today it is time for some samba. From this group we already had us two records. Even though is somewhat on the late side, this album sounds like the old days. An elpee very much worth listening to, give it a couple of spins.. Pierre — Petite fille. In mijn digitale collectie vond ik vervolgens dit album. Ik moet het ooit eens ergens gedownload hebben maar weet absoluut niet meer waar. Toch kon ik niet weerstaan het te posten, zo mooi vind ik hem.

Mocht ik het bij jou vandaan hebben, zeg het dan even, het zou wel zo netjes zijn de bron te vermelden. Tot die tijd, genieten we van Pequenino.. In my digital collection then I found this here album. I must have downloaded it myself somewhere but I can impossibly remember where. I could not resist posting it though, I like it very much. If it was your site where I found it, please leave us a note. It would be decent to tell what the source has been. Untill then, enjoy listening to Pequenino..

I just picked a nice cover from the pile of Loronix material, after all, it was made under the spell of Zecalouro who taught us so much about this wonderful almost forgotten music. Consider it another tribute to Loronix and Zeca, Hope U like.. It must have been somewhere early , a close friend introduced Loronix to me, the first music-blog I learned about. I was sold right away, when I found out how it worked blogging took over a part of my life.

Every morning I browsed through a load of blogs and always started with Loronix. What would Zecalouro have for us today? Any samba? I got totally hooked. When I visited relatives in Rio de Janeiro in februari , I could not resist to cantact Zecalouro.

On tuesday februari 27th we went on a small city trip. We talked a lot about music and had a wonderful afternoon. Zecalouro had really infected me with this blog-virus, no serious, he inspired me so much, in may I could not keep it anymore, the birth of the Global Groove was a fact and I still hold Zeca responsible for that..

As many of you know, Loronix is off the air for more then 2 years now. Untill today nobody knew why and what happened to Zecalouro.

RESUMO Este trabalho apresenta e analisa os elementos musicais pertencentes aos diferentes estilos e gêneros que caracterizam a obra do compositor e músico bra.

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  2. A tentative to make a " albums you must ear before you die" list with only Brazilian music and/or Brazilian musicians. My point was to celebrate the exceptional richness of Brazilian culture in the musical field, which is sadly often overlooked behind Anglo-Saxon pop music. I proceeded by taking into account a lot of lists from RYM and elsewhere, which you can find below. When lists were.
  3. Best Selection from to (DearHeart/PolyGram,Japan, ) 1. Quando chegares (Carlos Lyra) 2. Ciúme (Carlos Lyra) 3. Barquinho de papel (Carlos Lyra) 4. Gosto de você (Carlos Lyra e C.F. Fortes) 5. Só mesmo por amor (Carlos Lyra) 6. O bem do amor (Carlos Lyra) 7. Menina (Carlos Lyra) 8. Sem saudade de você (Carlos Lyra) 9. Tem dó.
  4. Sinter SLP Not that this album has never before been presented on the net (it could be found on the, unfortunately closed, great site Um Que Tenha), but it is, for my taste, one of the most pleasant and cool albums by sax player and maestro Cipó who has already been prominently featured on Parallel Realities, with solo albums, dakrmo.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo as backing band leader on albums by Sacha.
  5. Em coletiva de imprensa, na tarde de segunda-feira(17), a cantora Ivete Sangalo revelou que vai gravar um novo DVD em Salvador. "Esse trabalho vai ser gravado 'em casa', que é onde eu gosto de me amostrar", anunciou. 10 anos depois de gravar o 'MTV Ao Vivo - 10 anos', na antiga fonte nova.
  6. 19 - Lobo Bobo,Saudade fez um Samba,Se é Tarde me perdoa - Carlos Lyra - Album, Coleção Folha 50 Anos de Bossa Nova 20 - Nós e o Mar - Maysa - Album, Coleção Folha 50 Anos de Bossa Nova 21 - Adriana - Roberto Menescal - Album, Coleção Folha 50 Anos de Bossa Nova.
  7. Loronix is all about Brazilian music. Saturday, October 06, Jair Rodrigues - Orgulho de Um Sambista ().
  8. This is Sylvia Telles – Amor de Gente Moca | Musicas de Antonio Carlos Jobim (), for Odeon. I’m proud to own the Odeon original issue in a very good condition, the reason for this reposting. Sylvia Telles performs with orchestra the Antonio Carlos Jobim repertoire.
  9. Paying tribute to the singer's personal musical roots, the album is made up entirely of Joyce's stunning new versions of some beautiful Brazilian standards, originally penned by the likes of Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moares, Carlos Lyra, Baden Powell, Ze do Norte and Roberto Menescal (the very person to first capture Joyce's talent on record fifty.

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