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Dire Wolf - The Grateful Dead - Dire Wolf

Lyrics By. Music By. In the timbers of Fennario the wolves are running round note 1 The winter was so hard and cold, froze ten feet 'neath the ground Don't murder me, I beg of you don't murder me Please don't murder me I sat down to supper, 'twas a bottle of red whiskey I said my prayers and went to bed, that's the last they saw of me When I awoke, the dire wolf, six hundred pounds of sin Was grinning at my window, all I said was "Come on in" The wolf came in, I got my cards, we sat down for a game I cut my deck to the queen of spades but the cards were all the same note 2 In the back-wash of Fennario, the black and bloody mire The dire wolf collects his due while the boys sing round the fire.

Dire Wolf. The location named "Fennario" appears in the folk song " The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie ", including in the Grateful Dead's version of that song. It refers to a fictional location; a friend of the band members commented in an interview that it was the perfect name for a generic place, because it was evocative, and had four syllables. The lyrics have been interpreted to suggest that the man's difficulties were self-inflicted, perhaps as the result of a profligate lifestyle.

This theme, of whether humans are victims of forces outside of them or creators of their own destinies, is a recurring one in the band's music. The "red whiskey" referred to American Bourbon , whereas the now-extinct dire wolf was also exclusively from the Americas. The studio recording of the song was released as the third piece on the album Workingman's Dead in May Clearly the Dead were itching for new material.

Most of the Aoxomoxoa songs were being played live, but they still sought some more diversity in the sets, more traditional-sounding tunes. More than that, Garcia started immersing himself in country music styles. In May , Garcia started playing pedal steel with John Dawson.

So he bought one and brought it back. I asked Jerry if I could come over to his house and listen to the steel guitar… I brought my guitar when I showed up so he would have something to accompany. I showed him a couple of tunes that I had been working on… Jerry set his steel up and accompanied what I was doing, building up his chops. It sounded good. It was just the two of us — me on guitar and Jerry on pedal steel. It was the start of a turn that would take the Dead deeper into country music over the next few years.

We used to go see those bands and think, "Gee, those guys are great. So we took kind of the Buck Owens approach on Workingman's Dead. Some of the songs in there are direct tributes to that style of music, although they're not real obvious But certainly there was a conscious decision. And then that, of course, led Hunter and me into the gradual discovery process of crafting a song, putting a song together that is singable, that has the thing of being able to communicate at once at several levels, and that you can feel good about singing… Some songs wear well and some don't.

You perform them a few times, their time is over, that's it. Others, the more you perform them the richer they get, the more resonant, until finally it doesn't matter what the words are about anymore… Country and western songs are so directly narrative, if you don't get the point the first time you play it, it's a failure.

Casey Jones, like Dupree, was an actual character transformed into folk legend in the early 20th century. Just an observation. Chanced on it sometime later and thought it'd make a great hook to a song, which I then wrote. Garcia uses the studio opportunity to overdub himself with a snappy second guitar accompaniment, to see how it sounds. He starts off the session with a 5-minute version where he runs through the verses twice, but this pales next to track 11, where he repeats all the verses five times in a mammoth minute rendition!

It was a couple months later, in August, before the next new song emerged — this one a blues song written for Pigpen. It's one of those songs with a lot of possible meanings. It could be a reference to Robert Hunter's participation in CIA drug testing- the government being the wolf. The "boys" being the test subjects. Hence, as soon as he wakes up- the wolf is right there smiling with another dose and battery of questions the game.

But the deck is soon cut to the queen of spades death. Naturally, it would become something of a mantra to not want to be murdered- praying that this trip won't be so bad. It could also be a larger reference to all the inherent misunderstandings possibly resulting from the aforementioned zodiac between us, and the burden of responsibility we place on one another which, in effect, "murders us" with guilt.

Or else just behaving shabbily towards one another. The best part of the song, by far, is the chorus, which on many occasions during shows, Jerry would stop to remind of us saying something like- "This is a song with a real easy chorus- you can even sing with it- it's fun.

Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! No, no, no don't murder me, I beg of you Don't murder me, please, don't murder me Please, don't murder me. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

Aug 02,  · CHORDS (ver 2) by Grateful Dead/5().

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  1. In the timbers of Fennario. the wolves are running round. The winter was so hard and cold. froze ten feet neath the ground. Don't murder me. I beg of you don't murder me. Please. don't murder me.
  2. According to Grateful Dead historian, Carolyn later remarked that the hound was a "dire wolf". However, according to Hunter himself, as quoted in the Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics, he and Garcia were speculating about the identity of the hound in the story, and came up with the idea that it may have been a dire dakrmo.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo: Folk Rock.
  3. The Grateful Dead was a rock band that formed in in San Francisco, California, United States from the remnants of another band, "Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions," The Grateful Dead were known for their unique and eclectic songwriting style which fused elements of rock, folk music, bluegrass, blues, country, and jazz, and also for live performances of long modal jams.
  4. Dire Wolf. In the timbers of Fennario the wolves are running round (note 1) The winter was so hard and cold, froze ten feet 'neath the ground Don't murder me, I beg of you don't murder me Please don't murder me I sat down to supper, 'twas a bottle of red whiskey I said my prayers and went to bed, that's the last they saw.
  5. Blair Jackson, in his Grateful Dead: the Music Never Stopped, quotes a Michael Lydon interview with Hunter on the subject of "Dire Wolf": "The situation that's basically happening in 'Dire Wolf' is it's the middle of winter, and there's nothing to eat for anybody, and this guy's got a little place.
  6. Apr 07,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Grateful Dead - Dire Wolf - 12/28/83 - San Francisco Civic Auditorium (OFFICIAL) YouTube Grateful Dead - Full Concert - 12/28/83 - .
  7. Discuss, vote on, and listen to the best versions of Dire Wolf by Grateful Dead. headyversion find the best versions of grateful dead songs please login or register. Grateful Dead - Dire Wolf Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Dire Wolf.
  8. Lyrics to 'Dire Wolf' by Grateful Dead. In the timbers to Fennario The wolves are runnin' round The winter was so hard and cold Froze ten feet 'neath the ground Grateful Dead - Dire Wolf .

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