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Casualties - Various - New Wave German Class•X

Any chance of getting the Gongo files online again? Hi, dj ron! Unfortunately, the Blade Runner-uploads keep getting trolled, but I'm thinking of a solution. I'll probably up them as private playlists on my mulitply account, so anybody who wants them will have to register there and send a request to be my friend.

A bit complicated, but I can't think of a better solution at the moment. Hello - is there any way of getting the Blade Runner versions?

I realise that you cant really post them on your, rather fine, site! Any suggestions? Hi, been neglecting this blog for much too long now. There is a solution and I will probably add it to this post too: I've got a mirror-blog on multiply there's also some stuff you won't find here, but those uploads will be added to the blogger-site.

A bit complicated, but I can't think of a better way. Right now. That should be: "I can't think of a better way right now. I've just begun this blog and sharing some interesting bits of my collection, so i hope you can swing by and check it out. Shut my page down for the time being. Another site had grabed a few of my posts Could use a little support from the blog community.

That's a crying shame! Seems like your blog got hi-jacked too? No requests -just wanted to mention that I really appreciate your great work! Quite a few posts here are impossible to find anywhere else!! I'll up the NERD albums some time in the next couple of days. Check back at the beginning of next week. But I'll up them as soon as they turn up. Hi Square Dancer, Great blog. Thanks for the link to We're Late For Class. We really appreciate it. Regards, WLFC.

But I finally found them and will re-up tomorrow. WLFC: Thanks for the heads up, some nice sonics on your site. Hello S. Hi, bosla! Next, go to squaredancer. After I've accepted your invitation you will have access to the Gongo edition on my multiply site. Hi, All this Blade Runner talk reminds me of a rumour I heard years ago when tech step was at it's peak of a track called Replicant by Ed Rush or Optical or both.

Does anyone know anything about it, or even better have a link to it. Hi, Paul! They used a sample from the film, but apparently didn't have the dough to clear it. Been looking for it for years, but haven't found a rip yet prices for vinyl copies are totally insane.

Hi, Bill! Glad you like the blog. I don't have that UR release yet, though, and actually it's a bit against my policy to post new or relatively easily available, for that matter releases anyway. Hi Roundhouse, You might remember us It would mean a lot to us to reach your wider audience Should you need anything else, just let us know. You never know We can be reached at werelateforclass hotmail. Despite becoming an assistant master and being one around the same time as Shakadou, both were completely different.

While Shakadou had boundless potential and skill naturally, Lu didn't. However, he made up for it with endless amounts of willpower and determination, training till he reached the point where he was nearly as great as Shakadou, even surpassing him during the time where the former Kawakami Temple member no longer trained.

Spoiler: Claudio Nero Pic A butler of the Kuki family, he is ranked 3 for servants between the maids and butlers of the Kuki group and thus even without knowing of his exact powers can be assumed to be quite strong.

He is known as the "Perfect Butler" among the Kuki butlers and his combat style closely fits into this, him using wires during combat for all kinds of actions, ranging from straight up cutting things with them, to restraining people to creating barriers or other objects with them. They are called Razor Floss and he even can use them as an extension of his sensing abilities. One of the butlers present in the Kuki HQ, he is often seen in school and in the area, being among those chosen to guard the gate area, oversee the Kuki children and watch the off worlders.

Spoiler: Taisei Mayuzumi Pic Although no longer present all the time nor active, he is still among those who would act in case of an emergency for the nation, the world and his daughter who is in Kawakami Academy. Considered a Living National Treasure, the 11th generation Sword Saint is among the best swordsman of the world, only surpassed by his daughter and some others.

Still, holding decades of knowledge he is among the best the world has to offer. A man of the past, he is no good with electronics to a comical degree which leads to him still using letters among other things in his daily life.

Spoiler: Mystery Portals With no real form usually aside from one exception, the portal near the duel between the two Diva's which was pitch black and looked a bit like a small black hole, the others often are just seen as 'glitches' in reality, with it looking off, bending and twisting and eventually releasing the people from one side out into the world. While there were tries to go in, it wasn't possible to see what happens as they close right after.

Although darkness can usually be observed behind the people, objects and beings coming out, it never was to the extent seen by the presumably first case in Kawakami which now is treated as 'Origin' portal. Said portal or Gate is the only one still opening sometimes currently, releasing totally different things into the world.

Thankfully, being so close to the Kawakami Temple it is being observed and already surrounded by security. The reasons for why they come up, how and what is doing it are unknown just as the reasons behind the sent through materials and people. Beings sent through, range from ordinary highschool humans to warriors of long past periods to people and beings from foreign worlds, though often alike to some kind version of earth. Additionally, raw materials and dangerous hazards such as lava, acid and others were sent through as well as dangerous creatures and wildlife, often times of almost supernatural or otherworldly kind.

People are advised to stay away and seek shelter right away once seeing any sign of a portal and are asked to call authorities. No one under any circumstances should try to enter a portal nor interact with anything but normal humans, and even in the latter case, utmost caution is advised.

Although not put into motion because of formality and agreement issues, portals are classified into four groups: Safe, Hazard, Beast and Sentient. However, because of how 'Sentient' is defined, the problematic of the beast class including potentially safe animals and the fact the portals can include or send out all four of these after another or at the same time, they are usually not used officially or unofficially anymore.

Last edited: Jun 27, Last edited: Thursday at PM. Dolly Fail Fail Feeling thirsty. Hmm, I suppose I'm kinda interested, though admittedly it's going to be a little hard to think of characters to use.

Most of the ones I picked for Icyetl where because of how much they don't fit in a standard school setting. Definitely interested. I'll have to fish around for who to use as my character though. Zargothrax Evil Wizard. We had spoken about this RL, so I am going to get a character sheet ready for review in a few days time. Terran Imperium. A saint of the 1st century who suppressed the evil dragon Tarasque. A holy maiden who made a terrible and grotesque monster fall madly in love.

Her story starts with the Messiah himself being warmly welcomed by her to her home and becoming a woman of faith. Her faith did not waver even after Jesus' death, shortly after, she was exiled at the time and was placed in a boat with neither a paddle or a sail to use, and drifted to southern France upon receiving the grace of God. Martha was not afraid of this monster and suppressed it with discipline carried out through her sacred powers.

A perfect saint both on the outside and in the inside. Perhaps due to the existence of her younger sister, Martha basically displays the words and actions of an elder sister-like behaviour frequently.

Kind, chaste, gentle. The saint that is flawlessly radiant. She is reliable, tender on top of that, and holds an indomitable spirit. Even when everybody receives an attack, and even with a monster raging around, they will embrace that sanctity. The perfect holy maiden. Although then, however, Martha can get a little side-tracked from her saint persona.

Her words, gaze and facial expressions suddenly turn sharp, the atmosphere around her becomes unyielding, and she becomes dynamic and determined right after. This happens when she is also doing things such as sulking, getting angry, or unconsciously getting quite irritated at those being dangerous. Although she is a genuine saint, this persona is a little extreme, it is her real one as a former town girl who lived with her younger brother and sister.

When it is OFF, Saint Martha might be more akin to an iron-willed brawler who is also your elder sister. Class: 3-S Country: France Abilities: Saint Martha also is known as the Dragon Rider she can operate all sort of vehicles or ride all sorts of beasts easily. Although, understandably she prefers to ride Dragons.

She can perform ranged attacks through prays that materialize as a golden light bolt. She can use her cross-staff as a focus or melee weapon. As a Saint, Martha is capable of performing low-level miracles like turning water into wine or heal wounds by her mere presence. It is an ability which makes the normally impossible possible on a low-scale. Saint Martha's holy aura also serves as a deterrent to anything unholy, unsurprisingly.

The Saint of the Waterside being another title of hers which allows her to ride the waves confidently and in the presence of a large source of water, her power rises. Her most notable ability, however, is her supernatural peak body which includes inhuman strength, durability, endurance and dexterity.

Martha is a brawler through and through and is an experienced martial artist, her fists having subdued a Dragon basically unarmed. She has the Holy Knuckles armaments equipped. Jacob's Limbs is an old method of hand-to-hand combat that was continuously inherited from Jacob, to Moses, and finally to Martha. If reached to its limits, one can triumph even over an archangel. Upon perceiving a waterside, Martha's attack power raises. Natural Body Sea A : Saint Martha's body, which was dressed from holy garments, is perfect as a living being.

Especially amazing when undressed. However, since it is just averting the magecraft, fundamentally only Martha will be saved against a wide-range magic attack. Protection of the Faith A : It is only by those who have sacrificed themselves for a religious view.

Despite being a form of divine protection, it is not a blessing from a higher existence. Vow of the Saintess C : It is a vow of purity and faith that cannot be broken lest the consequences be dire for both the Saint and their entourage.

The ability in itself allows the user to remove any sort of 'buff' on enemies and 'debuffs' on allies. Noble Phantasm: Unavaible due to Tarasque's mysterious absence. Spoiler: Saint Martha. Last edited: Jul 2, Ylamona Garnet Rebel. Hmm, Majikoi huh? Been so long I've forget most of it. I guess I'll have to be more physical character than usual? I guess it is, though I suppose I just have to alter my character a bit. It's Chariot from BRS by the way, the reason I ask is her real appearance might be causing too much trouble She have prothestic legs that ends in wheels.

I'll just stick to her human form if it's a bit too much. Vs wiki states Martha is Tier-7 while Chariot is Tier Quite a big power-level we're aiming for.

I'll have to think hard about who or what to play. Ylamona said:. Also, we will be balanced against each other anyway. Last edited: Jun 22, Alone Radio War 1 Blijf daar maar eens stil bij zitten.

Ik ken alleen het eerste nummer van deze elpee, staat op de derde en beste Godfathers Of German Gothic-CD , dus helemaal unbekannt zijn ze niet.

Maar ik ga morgen eens op zoek. Unbekannt macht nicht unbemint. The Fall - Wonderfull and F Lay of The Land 2. Copped It 4. Elves 5. Slang King 6. Bug Day 7. Stephen Song 8. Craigness 9. Disney's Dream Debased. This leaves only those who are both virtuous and skilled as well as the children of those who were taken to rebuild with the help of some ill-explained Easy Logistics hand-waved in during the last few chapters while the invaders and the apparent Hostile Terraforming leave faster than they appeared.

In Station Eleven , society falls when a plague wipes out a large portion of humanity and much of the rest dies due to the resulting lack of infrastructure, modern medicine, and so on.

What little modern technology remains a couple decades later later is only there due to people going out of their way to preserve it. By the end, humanity appears to be on a slow march back to modernity, with at least one community producing its own electricity. The exact nature of the Fall of the Grey Folk from The Inheritance Cycle is ambiguous, but it's indicated to be around this scale.

All we know about it is that a miscast spell caused the extinction of all but a few of the Grey Folk and the loss of most if not all written records from the time, inspiring the remaining Grey Folk to enchant the very concept of magic itself with safeguards to prevent a recurrence. Also, the Arcaena cult whose membership includes Heslant the Monk and Jeod believes that a similar event will take place in the relatively near future, and are dedicated to stockpiling information against it.

There's no stated connection, however, between the Arcaena or their beliefs and the Grey Folk. Wells , the story ends with nearly complete social collapse on Earth, due to a wandering star almost hitting the planet. Live-Action TV. In 12 Monkeys the world is at this state thanks to the plague and headed for Type 3.

Earth in The has apparently regressed to this level. It could have been worse, the survivors on the Ark thought it was a Class 3 or 4. Andromeda : With 40 missile tubes each capable of delivering eight megaton kinetic kill missiles a second, the Andromeda Ascendant can destroy every population center of a Tarn Vedra read: Earth like class planet in under six minutes.

And that's strictly with basic munitions, not even touching the Class X-2 weaponry. In the Babylon 5 episode "Deconstruction of Falling Stars", its shown that humanity all but wiped itself out in a massive civil war, several decades after the Shadow War. In a direct homage to A Canticle for Leibowitz , it's revealed that at one of the monks shown is a Ranger in direct contact with the Interstellar Alliance.

The plot of Battlestar Galactica — both series — is based on a multiple Class 2, the Cylons all but wiping out humanity's twelve planetary colonies and pursuing the pathetically small number of survivors through space. Defiance : The world following the Pale Wars has bumped the world back to roughly late 19th century levels of technology, barring the odd bit of Schizo Tech.

Humans and Votan keep warring with each other and we've a lot more invasive wild alien species to contend with, but on the whole things look like they'll pick up again eventually.

Doctor Who : The Reapers in "Father's Day" erased almost all traces of human life to fix a paradox in time, if left unchecked reaching a Class 3. In "The Parting of the Ways" , the Daleks killed off every human on board the GameStation apart from Rose, and firebombed the Earth, shifting its continents, making it at least a Class 2.

In "Gridlock" , the mood drug Bliss mutated, wiping out all life on New Earth apart from the undercity of New New York, which was safely quarantined by the Face of Boe. In "The End of Time" , the Master does this in a very creative and, admittedly, totally awesome manner: by turning almost the entirety of humanity into carbon copies of himself, giving rise to, aptly named, "The Master Race".

We all get better shortly afterwards, though. In "Day of the Moon" , we learn that the Silence have occupied the Earth since the age of fire and the wheel. Canton Delaware and the Doctor trick the Silence into post-hypnotically ordering their own destruction through a message in the moon landing. As there are probably remote corners of the Earth where people haven't seen the Moon landing videos, it's unlikely to be a Class 3.

In a Bad Future of Heroes , the immortal Adam Munroe unleashes the Shanti virus, wiping out most of the world's population so they can build anew. May range as far up as Class 6 the order is to destroy all life on a planet, and the upper destructive limit of a Constitution-class starship given time to work over a planet is never firmly established , but Class 2 is the minimum.

New Zealand production The Tribe had the worlds' adult population dead from an accidentally-engineered virus, and the surviving children living in a Class 1 catastrophe, with mostly successful attempts to restore technology.

However, in the sequel series, The New Tomorrow , set possibly some centuries later, the children's society has regressed to the point of basic small-scale agriculture, and tribes of hunter-gatherers, as well as worship of the Ancestors, and technology has all but become forgotten some machines, still working on their own, are thought to be "monsters" , making this a pretty firm Class 2.

The Walking Dead TV series implies this has occurred, at best. At worse, it's a Class 3a in the making. Mythology and Religion. Tabletop Games. Dark Sun is set on Athas, once a beautiful fantasy world, now rendered mostly inhospitable desert due to years of magic misuse and genocidal warfare. Most people live in a dozen or so City-States each ruled by a tyrannical sorcerer king, or they live outside in hunter-gatherer tribes and roving warbands.

Metal-working is a lost art, a pathetic iron mine that would not even be considered worthwhile on another world is a priceless resource here that City-States would go to war over, so most weapons are made of bone, wood or obsidian with mechanics for breakage. Horses have been extinct for millennia and nobody remembers them, and other flora and fauna have been twisted into perverse mockeries of their old selves; bears are gigantic clawed monstrosities with insectoid carapaces.

Wizards are feared and hated for the destruction their art caused the world and so must hide their activities and disguise their powers as psionics the 3E Expanded Psionics Handbook was largely built off of Dark Sun , though it made no open mention of the setting.

Reading is prohibited among commoners and literacy is punished with death, slavery is commonplace, bloodsports are ubiquitous, and slave gladiators are prized possessions. Dark Sun describes a horrible, deadly, despoiled world where only the strongest survive, combining the swords-and-sandals grit of old gladiator films like Spartacus , the sword-and-sorcery dark fantasy of Conan the Barbarian , the planetary romance pulp adventure books of Edgar Rice Burroughs , and a dash of ancient Mesopotamia for flavour.

Traveller : Individual planets suffered everything up to and including Class 5 in the Final War, but human civilization as a whole is starting to reclaim the stars 80 years on.

Gamma World has both humans and assorted mutant species slowly reinventing civilization after a nuclear-chemical-biological war. Mutant Future , a close-as-you-can-get-it retroclone of Gamma World that uses the Labyrinth Lord rules, is likewise set after a massive nuclear holocaust.

Warhammer 40, : Earth went through at least one of these in the backstory, plunging an advanced civilization into barbarism as a result of a global nuclear war. Earth rebuilt and subsequently went through at least two or three more apocalypses, becoming known as [Holy] Terra along the way, but those were part of higher marks on the apocalypse scale. A significant number of Imperial worlds are ancient human colonies that fell into this, either independently or as part of larger-scale cataclysms and wars, then slowly worked their way back up to higher tech levels over the course of thousands of years.

The degree of recovery varies from world to world — some reach industrial levels by the time the Imperium finds them again, some develop agricultural societies and some remain firmly in the Stone Age. Paranoia : More or less the level of disaster which occurred in the backstory, but further details are not available at your security clearance, citizen.

Degenesis , a German roleplaying game set After the End sees presumably all of civilization completely destroyed. Humanity got back to their feet, making the initial apocalypse only a Class 1 case. However, since the asteroids left some alien material that constantly expands its turf, the survival of the human race is all but probable.

Mystara : The Great Rain of Fire, a planetary cataclysm that devastated the world odd years ago, knocked human and elven civilization from scifi-grade technology back to savagery.

The exact nature of the weapons Evergrun's elves and Blackmoor's humans threw at each other is unknown, but nukes were probably the least of them, as their conflict was so violent that it changed Mystara's axial tilt.

Note that this same event rates as a Class 3 for some of the other races that were around back then, and that still others only subverted a Class 3 because the Immortals preserved some of them in the Hollow World.

This is also what happens if the Garou win. You don't want to know what it'd be like if they lose. Exalted : The Yozis are trying to do this to Creation, but it only falls into this category because they're not going to kill all humans. If the Yozis were to succeed it would be worse than a Class Z.

In Rifts , a single nuclear exchange during a major surge in the planet's natural magical field and the subsequent cascade failure as the natural disasters it triggered killed millions more wiped out nearly all human civilization, and nearly wiped out humanity itself. GURPS Dragons includes an apocalyptic scenario where a Standard Fantasy Setting finds itself overrun with dragons for unknown reasons — possibilities given in the book include dragons deliberately ramping up their fertility to deal with an increase in dragonslayers, the eradication of a predator that normally thins out populations of newborn dragons and a mass summoning spell, as well as combinations thereof.

Regardless of the reasons, the world finds itself overrun with dragons rampaging where they wish and destroying anything in their way, leading to a widespread collapse of civilization.

Video Games. Final Fantasy : This is what happened after the War of the Magi. The war between Bevelle and Zanarkand 1, years before the events of Final Fantasy X results in this, creating a state of affairs where Sin roams the world, wrecking any human settlement with the exceptions of Bevelle and Luca that gets any larger than a small town.

Deus Ex gives the player the option to instigate a non-lethal Class 2: because all global communication and technological infrastructure is being routed through Area 51 so The Conspiracy can control it, destroying the facility sets everybody back a few centuries. Later, the three gods flood the land, although it's not clear how much of the entire world is affected, or how many fled to higher ground.

Half-Life has entire cities laid to waste, with Xen wildlife taking over and Earth under complete control of an interdimensional empire. It's unknown how few people remain, but the fact that there's still a resistance movement 20 years after the Seven Hour War implies that there's still hope, even when there's Everything Trying to Kill You and the infrastructure is under decay.

This is the setting for the Fallout universe. After global thermonuclear war wipes out civilization and much of the human population, a post-nuclear Zeerust-filled A World Half Full provides the backdrop for the games.

Social organization is tribal in most cases and only the New California Republic even approaches Jared Diamond 's definition of a "state". Shin Megami Tensei I. Thor's Hammer. The Great Flood. Japan's left as a charred, sunken husk of what it was.

It's implied the world beyond is little better if at all. Metro takes place in Moscow after a nuclear war has destroyed most of Russia and presumably most of the rest of the world. Civilization has survived by moving into the subways and sewers beneath the city and humans now live in self-contained underground cities.

Of course, the tunnels are now overrun by mutants and other dangerous creatures and the player has to run a gauntlet through underground cities run by communists and Nazis.

This seems to be the situation in The Last of Us , with a fungal infection reducing civilization at least in the United States to a series of quarantine zones with the rest infested with various bandits, scavengers and not-zombies. The freeware game Iji begins with a vast majority of all life on the planet blown to bits, your job is to try to save the remaining life from being blown into even tinier bits.

By the end of Xenogears , most people either become -wels- , are absorbed into the Big Bad , are eaten by -wels-, or are killed by "angels. The game is supposed to have a happy ending.

This isn't the first time either. Several thousand years before the start of the game, the Zeboim era was a technology rich society that was done in with a combination of low birth rates and nuclear war. Skies of Arcadia has a backstory that includes a Class 2, although by the time the game actually begins, enough centuries have passed that civilization has made its way back to a rough analog of steam technology with electricity in a few scattered places.

Valua gets hit with a Class 0 in the later stages of the game. If the Elders of the Silvite Civilization would have succeeded in collecting the Moon Crystals, another Class 2 would have taken place.

Might and Magic has this on an interstellar scale: An entire arm of the galaxy was cut-off from the main civilization by alien invasion. Though the worlds Might and Magic I to V takes place on appears to be exceptions there is evidence to suggest the primitivity of the cultures are intentional on the part of the designers rather than this trope ; evidently the Ancients don't let such minor issues as the spoilered part stop them from grandiose planetary-scale experiments.

Mother 3 has an interesting variant of this, balancing between Classes 1 and 2. The population of Nowhere Islands consists of the few who escaped a world-wide self-destruction.

Most likely, they could rebuild society as it was given they deliberately pick not to , making this sort of Class 1, but they choose to follow a simple lifestyle to avoid repeating the past, rendering this into a semi-voluntary Class 2. System Shock. Failing that, she also tried to unleash a plague of mutagenic virus on the planet, which would turn pretty much everybody into mutant-zombies. Mankind was kicked back to the stone age years before the beginning of Arc the Lad , Arc 2 ends with merely a Class 1 extinction.

You can hate the writters for this Phantom Dust is a Class 2 in many ways. The memory erasing dust on the surface makes long term exposure to environments that aren't pressure sealed a dangerous or even suicidal venture.

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  2. In Mai-Otome, civilization has already pretty much got back on its feet — it isn't even apparent at first that there was an apocalypse.; The world got nuked from hell to back in Fist of the North Star, and it's basically become the world in the Mad Max dakrmo.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfoty may one day recover, but for the time it's stuck in a "might makes right" world filled with mohawk-wearing motorcycle gangs.
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  4. The X-Men are a privately owned security force created to harbor peace between the emerging homo superior, nicknamed "Mutants" and baseline humans. The roster is made up of Mutants who have been trained and educated in the use of their powers at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Their operations are funded by Professor Charles Xavier's family fortune and from the patents he created.
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  6. Dec 13,  · Various - Dressed In Black () Various - Lonely Is An Eyesore () New Wave German Class X ()) 0 Premonition. geplaatst: 25 december , uur. Radio War (2) Casualties (1) Don't Tell Me Stories (1)* Gek genoeg vind ik Radio War de minste van de youtubelinkjes.
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